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Starting From: $69.70

E4T OEM Miniature Optical Encoder Kit

The E4T miniature optical encoder provides digital quadrature encoder feedback for high volume, limited space applications. The E4T is designed to be a drop in replacement for the E4P that offers higher maximum speed and increased output drive.

Make it easier to plug in and get the optional Encoder cable, 36" long, with single pin connectors (am-2269)


  • Cycles per Revolution: 360
  • Pulses per Revolution: 1440
  • Input Voltage: 5VDC
  • For Shaft Size: 1/4"


  • Pin 1: +5VDC
  • Pin 2: A Channel
  • Pin 3: Ground
  • Pin 4: B Channel

Included Hardware:

  • One - Spacer Tool for US Digital E4T 360-250 Encoder
  • One - E4T 360-250-S-H-D-B Encoder
  • One - Encoder Cable, 3ft long (am-0906)
  • One - Centering Tool for E4T 360-250 Encoder
  • Two - Philips Head Mounting Screws


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