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Hall Effect Two Channel Encoder

This encoder is designed to fit the back shaft of our PG Gearmotors with LONGER backshaft. (am-0914a)
It can also replace the encoder that comes on the PG Gearmotors with Encoder (am-2971)

They are not able to be used on the (am-0914, am-0915, am-2193)

Reading the encoder can be done with our Hall Effect Encoder Cable, am-2993

* Note: Because the encoder is connected to the back of the motor shaft, the rotation is backwards from normal front mounted encoders so you will need compensate for this in software or simply connect Ch. A output to your Ch. B input and Ch. B output to your Ch. A input.

Encoder Pinout:

  • Pin 1: 5Vdc
  • Pin 2: Gnd
  • Pin 3: Encoder Output Ch. A *
  • Pin 4: Encoder Output Ch. B *


  • Weight (lbs): 0.05
  • Pulses Per Revolution: 7
  • Operating Voltage: 5VDC

Included Hardware:

  • One - Hall Effect Encoder
  • One - Power Cable to supply power to motor
  • One - magnet to mount on backshaft
  • One - encoder base to connect to motor
  • One - encoder cap cover to protect compenents
  • Two - Mounting Screws


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