Powerpole Kit PP45 (100 Red/100 Black 200 Contacts) Click on images to enlarge

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Powerpole Kit PP45 (100 Red/100 Black 200 Contacts)

This is a kit of loose Anderson Power Products (APP) Powerpole (model PP45) connector hardware, aimed at providing a robot builder some tools to make dis-connectable cables and wires. This kit contains 8 Red Housings, 8 Black Housings and 16 Contacts. 

This kit provides the connecting hardware needed to make 4 Ground/12V pairs that are easily removable.

The contacts are rated for 45 amps, and sized for 10-12 gauge wire. Use this Powerpole Crimper for good connection.

Included Hardware:

  • Eight - Red APP single-connector Powerpole housings (APP #: 1327)
  • Eight - Black APP single-connector Powerpole housings (APP #: 1327G6)
  • Sixteen - Contacts (APP #: 261G2-LPBK)
  • Overall weight - 0.07 lbs.


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