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navX-MXP Robotics Navigation Sensor for FRC

navX-MXP is a 9-axis inertial/magnetic sensor and motion processor. Designed for plug-n-play installation onto a National Instruments RoboRIO™, navX-MXP also provides RoboRIO I/O Expansion.

navX-MXP is a must-have add on to any RoboRIO-based control system, and includes free software libraries, example code and many more features.

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Sophisticated Motion Processing

  • High Accuracy, Low-latency Yaw, Pitch and Roll Angles
  • Automatic Accelerometer/Gyroscope Calibration
  • Gravity-corrected Linear Acceleration
  • High-sensitivity Motion Detection
  • Tilt-compensated Compass Heading
  • 9-Axis absolute heading w/Magnetic disturbance detection
  • Configurable Update Rate from 4 to 200Hz

Easy to Use

  • Plug-n-Play Installation via RoboRIO MXP Interface
  • USB, TTL UART, I2C and SPI communication interfaces
  • RoboRIO libraries and sample code
  • Tools for Magnetometer Calibration
  • Conformal-coated circuit board

Protective Enclosure

  • A custom navX-MXP enclosure can be created with a 3D printer using provided Enclosure design files
  • Alternatively, the navX-MXP enclosure can be purchased online.


board schematics (developed in Eagle 6.5.0, freely available at and bill of materials.
The Eclipse IDE and a free version of an ARM compiler can be downloaded for those wishing tocustomize the firmware.
Firmware updates can be easily downloaded to the navX-MXP circuit board via the USB port.


This section provides example code for several common navX-MXP applications used by FIRST FRC teams on their robots to add sophisticated navigation capabilities.  These examples are in C++, Java and LabVIEW.

NOTE:  When you run the setup program contained in the latest build, the examples will be installed to subdirectories underneath <home_directory>\navx-mxp\<language>\examples (e.g., C:\Users\Robot\navx-mxp\cpp\examples).

To ensure the highest possible accuracy and reliability, several recommendations regarding installation and use are provided.

This includes a set of best practices which summarize key factors which help ensure successful operation.

navX-MXP also features several calibration processes to ensure easy-to-use, high-reliability operation.  This includes automatic gyroscope/accelerometer calibration, as well as manualmagnetometer calibration.  This section discusses these calibration processes and the theory behind them, including how to ensure minimal yaw drift.

Plug-n-play:  navX-MXP is designed for rapid, plug-n-play installation on a National Instruments RoboRIO™, making it easy to install and integrate onto robots including a FIRST FRC Robot.   navX-MXP and supports plug-n-play installation onto an Android-based FTC Robot.

Orientation:  Tips and tricks for ensuring navX-MXP measurements are aligned with your robot, including the new Omnimount flexible mounting feature.

I/O Expansion:  In addition to sophisticated motion processing, navX-MXP also provides analog and digital I/O expansion on a RoboRIO.

Flexibility:  To allow flexible customization, navX-MXP also supports several alternative installation options as well as several communication options, providing flexibility when integrating with other components.

Enclosure:  To protect an installed navX-MXP, an enclosure is available – which can be either purchased, or printed on a 3D printer using open-source design files.

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