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Gas Pressure Sensor

The GPSN-100 Gas Pressure Sensor can be used to measure pressure within a range of 20 to 250 kPa.

Pressure Range: 20 - 250 kPA
Voltage Output: 0.2 - 4.8 V

Operating Instructions:

Operating the GPSN-100 Gas Pressure Sensor for general readings:

1. Connect the IX-myDAQ Adapter to the NI myDAQ. Connect the GPSN-100 to CH 1 or CH 2 of the IX-myDAQ Adapter.

2. Connect the USB cable and set the input range of the selected channel to +/-5V.

3. Record the output voltage of the GPSN-100.

4. The output voltage of the GPSN-100 can be translated into pressure in kPa by utilizing this formula: P = (50*Vout + 10), where P is pressure in kPa, Vs is 5V, and Vout is the voltage measured in step 3.

Gas Pressure Sensor

Part# GPSN-100


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