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Pulse Sensor

The PTN-104 Pulse Sensor produces a signal from which rates and relative pressure information can be computed. The real-time integral of this signal is identical to volume pulse signals recorded with more expensive infrared pulse plethysmographs.


Connector: Mini-DIN7 Male

Power Required: None

Operating Instructions:

1. Connect the IX-myDAQ Adapter to the NI myDAQ and connect the PTN-104 to CH 1 or CH 2 of the IX-myDAQ Adapter.
2. Connect the USB cable and set the input range of the channel being used to +/-5V.
3. Place the pulse sensor on the volar surface (where the fingerprints are located) of the distal segment of the subject’s middle finger or thumb, and wrap the velcro strap around the end of the finger to attach the sensor firmly in place.
4. Press record, relax the hand and observe the pulse.

Pulse Sensor

Part# PTN-104


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