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Spirometer (with flow head)

The SPN-304 Spirometer with the 300L flow head measures volumes and flows from a resting subject.

The SPN-304 Spirometer consists of three parts:

  • An electronic sensor and amplifier
  • A disposable or reusable 300L flow head (an optional 1000L flow head is available for exercise measurements)
  • Polyethylene tubing used to attach the flow head to the sensor

The spirometer contains a differential air pressure sensor that measures the difference in air pressure between the front and rear sides of the mesh screen in the flow head. When the spirometer is assembled, blowing into the mouthpiece will produce a measurable pressure difference across the screen in the flow head. The sensor will produce a voltage, which is directly proportional to the pressure. It is this voltage that is recorded.

The SPN-304 has 2 modes of operation; the Spirometery mode and Heart Sounds mode. When placed in the Heart Sounds (HS) mode it can also be used wih the HSMN-300 (provided separately) to record Heart Sounds.

Connector: Mini-DIN7
Power Required: +/- 5 VDC
Pressure Difference Range: +/- 10 cm H20
Sensitivity: 26.4 mmH20/V

Operating Instructions:
The SPN-304 has 2 modes of operation; the Spirometer Mode (SP) and
the Heart Sounds Mode (HS).


Spirometer Mode:
Switch the SPN-304 to the spirometer mode. Connect the flowhead to the
spirometer using the tubing provided. Allow 15 minutes for the spirometer
to warm up. After the warm-up period, breathing into the mouthpiece
should cause the air-flow trace to move up or down. The spirometer has
an output of approximately 1Volt for 26.4 mmH20 pressure difference.

Heart Sounds Mode:
Switch the SPN-304 to the Heart Sounds mode. Connect the HSMN-304
to the white connector of the SPN-304. Install the red blocking cap onto
the Red connector of the SPN-304.


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