Hubs & Accessories

Shop and save on the latest Hubs & Accessories, including Makeblock MG995 Servo Hub, 10mm Key Hub, 8mm Hub. Don’t forget to visit our FAQ section, or contact us if you have any questions.

500EX Hex Hub


6mm Hub


500 Hex Hub


Makeblock Shaft Clamping Hub 8mm


Makeblock MG995 Servo Hub


10mm Key Hub


6mm Hub for 60mm Mecanum wheel


8mm Key Hub


500 Key Hub


8mm Hub


10mm DD Bore Hub


12mm Key Hub Stainless Steel


12mm Key Hub


10mm Key Hub Stainless Steel


4mm Hub for 60mm Omni Wheel


Nexus Bumper Sensor


Hardware Kit 11: Hub Mount to Pneumatic Wheel


375 Key Hub