Renewable & Alternative Energies

Learn how renewable and alternative energies can benefit you inside and outside of the classroom. Studica’s selection of hands-on products allows you to create and learn at your own pace. Check out the latest from these green-approved brands.

Pitsco Ray Catcher Sprite Deluxe Solar Vehicle

As Low As:   $71.07

Pitsco Wind Gen


Pitsco Sunezoon Solar Car

As Low As:   $22.22

Pitsco Solar Designer Car

As Low As:   $16.59

Pitsco Clearly Solar Car Kit


Pitsco Wind Energy - Getting Started Package


Pitsco Sunzoon Lite Solar Car

As Low As:   $16.65

Pitsco Sunzoon Lite - Getting Started Package


Pitsco Sunezoon Cars - Getting Started Package


Pitsco Sun Tracker


Pitsco Solar Wheels


Pitsco Solar Vehicles Getting Started Package


Pitsco Solar Oven


Pitsco Solar Engineering Body Tubes


Pitsco Ray Catcher Sprint Kit


Pitsco Ray Catcher Solar Panel


Pitsco Ray Catcher Consumables

As Low As:   $188.79

Pitsco H2O Turbine

As Low As:   $34.78