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WRO Competition Set with myRIO

The WRO Competition Set with myRIO features a large assortment of the TETRIX® MAX building elements plus the National Instruments myRIO controller and LabVIEW™ software. This set contains all the hardware and software teams need to create a competition-ready robot that's primed for the Advanced Robotics Challenge.


  • 1,100+ TETRIX® MAX building elements
  • Structural, motion, and hardware elements including a variety of wheels, tank treads, gears, channels, flats, and connectors
  • National Instruments myRIO controller, LabVIEW Student Edition Software, mounting brackets, and adapters
  • Two high-resolution motor shaft encoder packs
  • Two 12-volt DC motors, motor cables, two 180-degree standard-scale servo motors, and one continuous rotation servo motor
  • Rechargeable battery pack and charger
  • On/off switch and assembly tools
  • Sturdy storage bins, lids, and sorting trays


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