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Tetrix Max R/C Starter Set

If you can dream up a design, you can build it with the TETRIX® MAX Building System. TETRIX is a complete design system for students who are serious about engineering.

Featuring heavy-duty, aircraft-grade aluminum elements for construction, powerful drive motors, and expandable capabilities, TETRIX provides the ideal platform for creativity. Whether students want to build a basic square-chassis robot base with a remote control or incorporate other electronics (not included) to design a highly specific autonomous robot, this system is unlimited. Designed to provide one student or a team of students with the hardware to get started on a robotics or other build project, this starter set eliminates the worry that you might miss a needed part to finish the project.

Includes the comprehensive TETRIX MAX Builder’s Guide (hard copy and CD), a 190-page teacher’s resource packed with several model build instructions, safety information, resources, challenges, and more. Includes a variety of TETRIX MAX structural elements, DC motors, servos and hardware, gears, wheels, axles, tubing, flats and angles, and channels. It also includes a gamepad controller and batteries, rechargeable battery and charger, motor and servo controller board, and storage case with lid.

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