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Tetrix Max Tank Tread Kit

TETRIX® MAX Tank Tread Kit distributes weight more evenly than wheels, giving robots the traction needed to cover rough terrain or unstable ground such as sand. The treads can also be used to create conveyor belts. This kit provides everything needed to add up to 6.5 feet of tank tread to your robot. TETRIX® chain links are made of highly durable acetal and snap together and apart with ease.

This high-value kit includes not only the tank tread parts but also all of the extra TETRIX parts required to attach the treads to a robot, requiring no additional parts from the TETRIX Base Set. Includes the following TETRIX components: 200 Tank Tread Chain Links, six Tank Tread Idler Wheels, four 32 mm channels, two Tank Tread Sprockets, 24 Bronze Bushings, twelve 1/8" Axle Spacers, 12 Axle Set Collars, and six 100 mm axles.


Customer Reviews

  1. Tank Tread pros and cons

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    The Tetrix tank tread kit is made of good quality material, but the treads don't have much traction. We are competing in a robot tournament (FTC) and the treads are too smooth to effectively climb our aluminium "mountain". So we have to come up with another solution.

    Location: London, England