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PCNC 1100 Education Package

Designed with education in mind. 3-Axis PCNC 1100 Mill with Deluxe Stand and Full Enclosure. Includes necessary tools, gauges, and workholding accessories for a complete classroom workshop experience. Canadian Electrical Code (CEC)equipment approval.
Includes: Automatic Oiler, Full Enclosure Kit for PCNC 1100, Door Switch Kit, PCNC Owner's Kit, Deluxe Machine Stand w/ Coolant Kit, Machine Arm, Cable Integration Kit, Lifting Bar, PathPilot Controller, Jog Shuttle, LCD Monitor, Mini Keyboard with Cover, USB Bulkhead Assembly, Essential Metalworking Gauge Kit, TTS Touch Tool w/Digital Indicator, TTS Superfly Cutter Kit, Tool Setter, 5 inch CNC Vise, 2pc Vise Alignment Keys, Clamp Kit, TTS CNC Operators Set, TTS ER20, ER20 Collet Set, Cobalt Spot Drills, 5 Piece 2 Flute HSS End MIll Set, 5 Piece 4 Flute HSS End MIll Set, Floating Tramp Oil Collection Pillow,Machine Oil, Synthetic Coolant.

PCNC 1100 Education Package

Part# 32085-E


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