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2019 DESTINATION DEEP SPACE Game Elements - Hatch

Going to space tomorrow, you'll need your cargo today!  And don't forget the hatch or your cargo just won't stay.Buyer be aware, this is the official Cargo Game Piece, but is not the exact Hatch panel that will be used in the official game.


An exact replica of every piece of cargo that Space X and Nasa launch into space, this cargo is orange, and if it didn't have a logo it really looks like an orange.  It's about 13 inches in diameter, but it's squishy cause there is air inside.  It gets a lot larger in space but we think it might hold up due to the durable rubber it's made of.  (Don't attempt at home.)

Bored while building your robot, it's game on for kickball.


This is NOT the official hatch for the official field. It is cut to the same dimensions from the same 3/16 in. polycarbonate but is completely clear and does not have any branding on it. A strip of black 2 x 60 in. loop tape is included for the team to install. You can either cut wedges out of this strip, like the official version, or press it down firmly introducing small wrinkles which do not significantly change field interaction but may or may not change robot interaction depending on your design.  Due to these differences we are offering this item at a lower cost as we believe this will work great for teams developing and testing their robot.  It is made at AndyMark in Kokomo, Indiana, USA with locally available materials so we can re-stock quickly. If you are looking for the official FIRST game piece it can be found at Vex Pro (217-6562).


  • Cargo Diameter : ~13 in.
  • Hatch Diameter : 19 in.
  • Hatch Hole Diameter : 6 in.
  • Hatch Polycarbonate Thickness : 3/16 in.


Loop Cut Pattern for Hatch.pdf



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2019 DESTINATION DEEP SPACE Game Elements - Cargo (In Stock)