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Pitsco STEM Education Units - High-Flying Rockets

Fun and excitement go hand in hand with learning STEM concepts through these rocketry activities. Starting with water rockets, students dive into the science of rocketry with fuel pressure testing and analysis, fuel volume testing, and apogee while launching water-propelled rockets. Then, students move to the rockets with real power – solid-fuel rockets that can reach hundreds of feet into the sky! While building and launching these thrilling rockets, students also learn about average velocity, potential and kinetic energies, and how to design for stability.

Engineering design comes into play with the Designing Fins activity. First, students design their own fin shape and create the appropriate number of identical fins. Following this, they build a solid-fuel rocket with their originally designed fins.

Launching the rockets, students evaluate them for stability. If the fin designs achieve poor stability, they redesign the fins and test the rockets until more stable designs are achieved.



  • AquaPort II Water Rocket Launcher
  • LaunchGuard System
  • Tire pump
  • Fin holder
  • Rolatape
  • Altitude finder
  • Digital scale
  • Various small tools such as cool-melt glue gun, ruler, and scissors
  • Assorted kits and materials
  • Water Rockets Teacher’s Guide
  • Solid-Fuel Rockets Teacher’s Guide
  • Dr. Zoon Stratoblaster Video
  • Dr. Zoon Pitsco Rocket Video
  • Estes Rocket Labs Curriculum
  • High-Flying Rockets Scope & Sequence



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