CNCezPro is a real-time 3D simulator for Computer Numerical Control (CNC) and is unlike any other CNC simulator. CNCezPro offers real-time control over view-points and light properties. Use CNCezPro to utilize the OpenGL engine for real-time renderings and 3D visualizations of tool-cuts. CNCezPro also offers a user-defined post-processor to customize G Codes and M Codes. CNCezPro can be used to verify CNC programs and G Codes no matter your skill level. Shop Now!

CNCezPro Features:

CNCezPro Standard Edition

CNCezPro Advanced Edition

XML-based Project Explorer organizing sequentially Workpieces their associated Processes and CNC Files in a Tree-like structure that allows access to corresponding properties. Possibility to combine Milling and Turning Processes with different Machines and Post-processors under the same project. X X
Tool Library Editor that displays the list of available Tools for both Milling and Turning with their dimensions/description and a 3D Preview of the selected tool. X X
4 built-in Tool Libraries: Imperial Milling, Metric Milling, Imperial Turning, Metric Turning. X X
Create additional groups of Tool Libraries and save them in separate files.   X
Modify the properties of existing Tools or create new Tools interactively through a Tool Editor (Milling and Turning). X X
Tool Turret Editor to display the tools loaded in the current Tool Turret add Tools from the Tool Library and unload Tools from the Turret. X X
Workpiece Editor to view and modify the Stock's properties: Name, Description, Shape, Dimensions and Material. X X
Built-in Material Database. X X
Material Database Editor to modify properties for existing Material entries or create new Material.   X
3D Modeler with real-time 3D features: Rotation, Zooming and Panning. The Modeler displays the interaction between the Tool and the Workpiece in real-time while the CNC program is being parsed. The Tool Path can be visualized. User-defined colors for Tool Cuts and Tool Path can be assigned to different Tools. X X
Multiple Views: 1st Angle, 3rd Angle, XY, XZ and ZY views in Milling. Front, Side, 3/4 Cut, 1/2 Cut and Multiple views in turning.   X
Cross Sectioning : Define a cutting Plan and apply a section through the workpiece while simulating.   X
3D Light Source : Apply artificial light on the stock at any angle.   X
Control over 3D Graphics Accuracy: Minimum Circle Resolution ( 1 , 2 ), Maximum Arc Error ( 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ), Curve Resolution ( 1 , 2 ).   X
Control over Rendering Properties: Set color for Background, Tool, Shank, Ground Plane, Grid, Rapid Tool Path. Set Light Source Distance. Define Ground Plane.   X
NC Editor with syntax highlighting, colored tokens, program numbering and break-pointing. X X
NC Editor Configuration: Uppercase Conversion, Spacing, Block Numbering, Block Interval, Indenting, Tabs Spacing, Token Colors.   X
Machine Status Bar displaying real-time Machine data, active Tool and active Modals during the execution of a simulation. X X
Depth Bar to monitor the depth of cut during the execution of a simulation. X X
Tool Position Bar displaying real-time Tool coordinates (Relative and Absolute), Program Number and the code/command being executed as the simulation runs. X X
Machine Setup dialog to View/Modify current Machine properties: Type (Mill or Lathe), Units (Inch or MM), Maximum Feedrate, Maximum Spindle Speed, Offset Registers, Workpiece Registers, Macro Variables, Tool Start Position, Reference Position, Part Reference Zero. X X
Project Wizard to create a New Project with all necessary files step-by-step: Set Machine, Set Tool Library, Set Workpiece, Add CNC Programs to Workpiece. X X
Machine Wizard to create a New Machine/Controller/Post-processor or modify an existing one. Specify Machine properties. Customize/Reprogram G-Codes, M-Codes and CNC Commands using a structured Macro Language. Edit Token Map Table: Set Token Properties, associate functions to Tokens, set Token execution priorities, Token Groups.   X
Advanced CNC Verification: Your CNC Program is parsed for Syntax Errors, parameters passed to G-codes are verified. Specific Error Messages and Warning Messages are issued when a CNC Programming error is detected and the erroneous line is highlighted. X X
Create customized Warning/Error/Debug messages through the Macro Language Editor.   X
Line-by-Line or Continuous execution of the Simulation. X X
Modify your CNC Program while executing a Simulation. X X
Automatic and Edit Execution Modes. X X
Machine Control Panel: based on the Fanuc-6 Control Panel (Milling and Turning) , emulates a real Machine Panel with Buttons, Switches and Step/Handle Wheel. Loading multiple Machine Panels of different Controllers is possible.   X
MDI Execution Mode: type a line of CNC Code or a CNC Command and simulate it in real-time. Similar to the Manual Data Input function found in CNC Controllers.   X
Step/Handle Execution Mode.   X
Jog Execution Mode.   X
Save 3D machined Parts and Load them for later jobs. Combine multiple jobs on one Part. Combine Milling and Turning jobs on one Part. X X
Workpiece Statistics: calculates Original Volume, Removed Volume, Machined Part Volume and Percentage of Material removed. X X
Measurement Grid: apply a scalable Grid on the Workpiece to measure distances. X X
(Advanced Simulation Utility: Visualizes Milling and (Overhead) Router Machining in 3D. As opposed to Polygon Modeling, all simulations are calculated by Ray-Tracing accurate 3D Models. Offers unprecedented visualization accuracy and magnification.   X
Support for Rounding, Chamfering and Thread-Cutting. X X
Support for Macro Programming using the Fanuc-0M post-processor. X X
Post-processors: Fanuc-6M, Fanuc-6T, Fanuc-0M, Fanuc-0T, Fanuc-16M, Fanuc-16T, Mitsubishi Meldas-520AM, Mitsubishi Meldas-64L, Haas Mill, Haas Lathe, Okuma Lathe, Fadal, MachineMate 8000, Fagor 8055T, Cincinnati Lathe, Heidenhain Mill, Galil, DaVinci Mill. X X
Post-processor customizations are available to Users upon request.   X
19 Demo Projects covering all supported Controllers each including multiple examples of CNC Programming. X X
Software specific customizations are available to accommodate your simulation needs.   X
Upgrade to the Advanced Edition possible at any time (User is charged Price difference). X  
Users receive free Software Updates between two consecutive releases. X X
Minimum System Requirements: Pentium II, 128MB RAM, 40MB Disk Space, Graphics Card 32MB OpenGL-compatible, Windows 98/NT/2000/XP. X X

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