einstein™ Tablet for Science Education

Fuel Students' Curiousity to Learn Science

When Fourier Education created the einstein™ family of products, their vision was to empower teachers and inspire students. They have created an engaging science learning experience that combines interactive multimedia activities, sensor-based experiments and user-friendly analysis applications that can be done on any tablet or computer.

einstein™ Science Tablet

Einstein Tablet for Science Education

This einstein™ Tablet lets student get right into the science. It is the only educational tablet of its kind dedicated to science education. This all-in-one science device can also be used in a broader educational environment.

einstein™ Science Learning Device

  • Fosters collaborative learning
  • Provides immediate feedback on data
  • Engages students more easily
  • Facilitates more autonomous learning
  • Enables affordable One-to-One (1:1) computing

Meet the NEW einstein™ all-in-one science learning tablet

einstein™ LabMate™

Einstein LabMate

Turn any computer or tablet into a wireless science lab with the einstein™ LabMate™. If your school already has tablets or computers, you can connect to the einstein™ Science Learning Platform using einstein™ LabMate™.

  • Pair to computers to tablets using USB or BlueTooth
  • Sampling rate of 100K per second
  • Connects with Fourier Education's new, high-accuracy sensors
  • Accepts up to 8 external sensors
  • Change existing tablets & PCs into a wireless science lab

Here is a look at the new All-in-One einstein™ Science Tablet. See how this new device will take your students on a scientific journey like never before.

einstein™ Accessories

There are a variety of accessories designed to help you get the best use out of your einstein™ Tablet and einstein™ LabMate™. These include a USB hub, bluetooth keyboard, bluetooth mouse, tablet case & stand, charging cart and many more. Shop einstein™ accessories.

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