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    Combo Resistor/Capacitor Kit 465 pcs

    (12 In stock)

    This combo kit contains a resistor kit RK-365 with 5 each of 73 values for a total of 365 pieces and the capacitor kit CAPK100, which contains 21 varieties of capacitors (ceramic, mylar, and electrolytics) for a total of 100 pieces. Altogether, this kit contains 465 pieces

    Deluxe 150 piece Capacitor component kit in plastic case

    $20.95 $32.95
    (1 In stock)

    Contains ceramic disc, mylar, and electrolytic-type capacitors. 21 varieties, 150 pieces total - 60 ceramic from 2.2pF to 0.001?F, 50 mylar from 0.001?F to 0.47?F, and 40 electrolytic from 1?F to 1000?F. Packaged in a clear plastic case with 12 dividers.

    Electronic Playground 50-in-1 Experiments

    $16.95 $30.95
    (1 In stock)

    Build over 50 Electronic projects including finger touch lamp; metal detector; transistor radio; alarm. Learn about voltage; current; resistors; capacitors and much more. Uses spring hook-up method. This Lab is commonly used in the Bob Jones Home School Curriculum.

    Ethernet Shield

    (2 In stock)

    Build your own remote control robot controlled by your TV remote! The kit also includes parts for inventing your own robot arm. No soldering required.

    Freaduino UNO Rev2.2 MB_EFUNO

    $10.95 $19.95
    (1 In stock)

    Leonardo da Vinci improved upon the already-established catapult design when he introduced his own vision of the age-old military launching device. This design uses a double leaf spring to produce a great deal of energy in order to propel stone projectiles or flammable materials over large distances. A hand crank on the side of the catapult was used to load the spring.

    Goldcap capacitor 10F /2,7V w. Socket

    (In stock)

    Hex Key Metric 9 Piece Set (1.5mm to 10mm)

    (9 In stock)

    Powerpole Crimp Tool 15, 30, 45

    (9 In stock)

    ThePowerpole Crimp Tool 15, 30, 45 crimping tool provides a positive crimp on the 15, 30 & 45 amp contacts manufactured by Anderson Power Products for the Powerpole® line of products. It has the following features.

    Practical Soldering Project Kit

    (53 In stock)

    Working with printed circuit boards is in the future of every electronic technician. Almost every electronic device today has a printed circuit board and whether you are assembling a PC board or repairing it; you must understand the basics of working with these boards. Good soldering requires practice and an understanding of soldering principles. This solder practice project will help you achieve good soldering techniques; help you become familiar with a variety of electronic components; and provide you with dynamic results.

    Solder Practice Kit with Iron & Cutters

    (22 In stock)

    This kit is a must for the beginner. After practicing your soldering techniques on the special area of the board; you will be ready to assemble this European siren with flashing LED's. This kit also includes a soldering iron and wire cutters. This kit requires soldering.