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    830 Tie Point Breadboard with JW70 Jumper Wire Kit

    $15.95 $18.25
    (7 In stock)

    Model 9425 Breadboard bundled with JW70 Jumper Wire Kit. 830 test points; 126 separate 5 point terminals; plus 4 horizontal bus lines. Three color coded binding posts; black; red and green. 70 pieces pre-stripped; pre-formed solid #22 wire.

    9 pc. Electronic Technician Starter Kit

    $14.95 $22.50
    (3 In stock)


    • SR1N- 25 watt soldering iron with stand
    • ST2- 5" needle nose pliers
    • ST3- wire stripper
    • ST5- 3/16" slotted screwdriver
    • ST6- #1 Phillips screwdriver
    • SW3- desolder wick
    • LF99-Lead Free Solder
    • ST23- heat sink

    Anderson PowerPole 45 to JST VH Cable

    (25 In stock)

    Basic Electronic Experiments

    $10.95 $16.50
    (0 In stock)

    The experiments in Model PK-101 require a bredboard (9830 or better) or can be done on the Elenco XK-150; XK-550 or XK-700 Trainers. No soldering or tools required; all parts included.


    • Electronic Keyboard
    • Water Alarm
    • Finger Touch Lamp
    • Electronic Kazoo
    • Battery Tester
    • Magnetic Bridge
    • Voltmeter
    • Morse Code
    • And Much More!

    Basic Parts Kit

    (16 In stock)
    This Basic Parts Kit provides you with 100's of parts to aid you in your prototype needs. Perform experiments first hand and develop a greater understanding of key concepts.

    BATUltrasonic Sensor Distance Measuring

    $22.95 $39.95
    (1 In stock)

    This Chemistry Lab Kit includes 8 safe to use chemicals, 80 safety tested experiments. Comes with complete instruction manual

    BITalino 1-lead sensor cable

    (11 In stock)

    BITalino 1-lead sensor cableis anindividual cable to connect the sensor pins (IN+, IN-, and REF) to the electrodes.


    • Length: 40cm (others possible on request)
    • Sensor connector: Crimp pin (compatible with the individual pins on the Molex Sherlock male plug)
    • Electrode connector: Standard snap on socket

    Breadboard and Jumper Wire Kit

    $10.95 $11.50
    (54 In stock)
    This NI Breadboard is a 830 tie point breadboard that comes with a 70 piece jumper wire set designed for use with National Instruments my-DAQ portable data acquisition device.

    CadMouse Pad Compact

    (1 In stock)

    he3Dconnexion CadMouse Pad Compactsports a micro-textured surface for your mouse to offer mouse cursor accuracy and smooth movements. The CadMouse Pad Compact is constructed with three layers that provide a low-friction surface, rigid middle layer, and non-slip silicone base. Additionally, it features a compact design, making it suitable for mobile workplaces or setups with limited space.

    Smooth Surface

    The micro-textured coating of the CadMouse Pad provides precision for engineering tasks. In combination with the PTFE feet of a mouse, this pad allows smooth, accurate control of your mouse.


    In addition to its tactile advantages, the low friction surface of the CadMouse Pad enhances its tracking qualities whether you work with the laser sensor or the optical sensor in a mouse. This ensures accurate sensor imagery for an exact translation of your hand movements into cursor movements.


    The surface enhances precision while the rigid middle layer ensures stability. The silicone base keeps your CadMouse Pad in place so it won´t slip while you are working.

    UPC: 821123700581

    Carrying Case

    (0 In stock)

    Holds the NI my-DAQ with test leads, the protoboard for the my-DAQ, and the JW-140 jumper wire kit

    Chain Breaker Tool

    (14 In stock)

    The easy way to change the length of your #25 chain. (Chain not included)

    Circuits Textbook, Second Edition - On sale while quantities last!

    $52.00 $52.00
    (25 In stock)
    The Circuits Second Edition textbook conveys a set of timeless principles and problem solving techniques for a first course in electrical engineering circuit analysis, it also provides a valuable framework for subsequent studies. The Circuits second edition textbook offers a number of significant enhancements.

    Circuits, Third Edition Textbook

    (In stock)

    Circuits, Third Edition Textbook helps students understand a wide range of timeless principles and problem techniques that are essential to circuit studies. Generally, circuit theory is the entry course in pursuing education in electrical and computer engineering. While this book is a great introductory text, a background in physics and elementary differential and integral calculus is assumed.

    Combination Wrench, 5.5mm

    (8 In stock)

    Combo Resistor/Capacitor Kit 465 pcs

    (12 In stock)

    This combo kit contains a resistor kit RK-365 with 5 each of 73 values for a total of 365 pieces and the capacitor kit CAPK100, which contains 21 varieties of capacitors (ceramic, mylar, and electrolytics) for a total of 100 pieces. Altogether, this kit contains 465 pieces

    Deluxe 150 piece Capacitor component kit in plastic case

    $20.95 $32.95
    (1 In stock)

    Contains ceramic disc, mylar, and electrolytic-type capacitors. 21 varieties, 150 pieces total - 60 ceramic from 2.2pF to 0.001?F, 50 mylar from 0.001?F to 0.47?F, and 40 electrolytic from 1?F to 1000?F. Packaged in a clear plastic case with 12 dividers.