Entertainment Partners offers Academic Discounts on Movie Magic

Entertainment Partners (EP) is a global leader in providing business solutions for the entertainment industry. Its flagship product, Movie Magic, provides users with scheduling and budgeting tools that work the way people think. These programs are flexible and efficient, while maintaining incredible accuracy. EP is invested in the entertainment industry, which includes students entering new fields. Take advantage of academic discounts, so you can get the professional tools you need to make the best production decisions possible.

*Instructional Video to walk users through the upgrade to ensure a smooth transition.

Movie Magic Budgeting 7 and Scheduling 6 Bundle

$578.00   $462.99

The Paymaster 2017-2018


Movie Magic Scheduling 6

$489.00   $175.75

EP Movie Magic Budgeting 7

$489.00   $174.99

Entertainment Partners offers comprehensive tools that will help you manage the scheduling and your production budget. Movie Magic Scheduling and Budgeting were created through collaboration with production professionals who have first-hand knowledge of particular area. Move Magic Budgeting is a cost estimation software tool what will help you create and manage comprehensive budgets for all types and sizes of productions. Movie Magic Scheduling is a flexible tool that will help you efficiently manage production schedules with a wide race of options for every time of user.