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    fischertechnik is a flexible and innovative construction system built around the unique fischertechnik building block, which allows attachment at all six sides. fischertechnik's system of interlocking building blocks, motors, sensors, lights, computer controllers, and software allow you to build countless fun and functional models, from Ferris Wheels and Construction Cranes to robots and automation systems you can program and control. Designed with a STEM and engineering mindset, the creative possibilities with fischertechnik kits are limitless!

    For educators, through our procurement program, we can create custom kits for your programs, for any grade level and for quantities as low as 250 kits.

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    fischertechnik V-axle 4x106

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    A V-axle part for the fischertechnik building system.

    Junior Engineer


    The ideal beginner construction set for kids 5 and up!

    • Extra large construction elements
    • With this kit are 12 models buildable
    • Promotion of eye-hand coordination
    • Promotion of gross and fine motor skills
    • Building instructions suitable for children

    STEM Simple Machines Advanced


    Exploring and understanding physical laws at the secondary level

    • Getting to know basic mechanical and technical principles
    • Spring balance for force measurement included
    • Treatment of the topics rope and rod, lever, roller and inclined plane

    Training Factory Industry 4.0 in 24v with PLC S7-1500 - Education Version

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    Industry 4.0 applications and process flows as a modular training and simulation model


    • Including PLC Siemens S7-1500, basic program and ready-made cabling
    • Enables in-depth learning through haptic grasping on a realistic production image
    • Digital traceability through NFC/RFID, remote monitoring via camera, sensory applications
    • Integrated cloud connection with dashboard, control via smart devices, own cloud and dashboard can be integrated, Raspberry Pi 4 with Node-RED interface
    • Communication via OPC/UA and MQTT

    The fischertechnik learning environment is used for learning and understanding industry 4.0 applications in vocational school and training and for use in research, teaching and development at universities, in companies and IT departments. The simulation depicts the ordering process, the production process, and the delivery process in digitized and networked process steps.

    Advanced Cable Car


    Span the distance of your favorite playroom with this classic building set.

    • 6 meters of rope
    • Discover zip line techniques
    • Fastening with vacuum pads, among other things

    Advanced Firefighter


    Cool fire engine model with extinguishing function

    • Soda bottle(s) as water tank (not included)
    • 4 water sprays
    • Experience sustainability through play