fischertechnik Supports Computer Science for All Initiative

In support of President Obama's Computer Science for All Initiative, fischertechnik is focused on providing cost-effective pricing on some of its programming construction sets, available to classrooms all over the world. If you are an educator or an academic professional interested in taking advantage of the proposed computer science funding, then fischertechnik Education's Introduction to STEM II and STEM Engineering sets are the solution for you. From elementary students to higher education, these sets offer students a foundation in computational thinking that will prepare them for success in the future.


fischertechnik Education | Beginner Programming

Computer science is acknowledged as a new basic skill everyone needs for success in an evolving world with continued technological advancements. Introducing computational thinking as early as possible will help students build a solid STEM foundation, which is essential for future achievement in higher education. The skills gap in computer science is steadily growing and can only be reversed by providing students with the resources and materials they need at an early age.

fischertechnik's Introduction to STEM II set addresses these issues in an environment that challenges students to explore programming without fear of intimidation. Based on the easy-to-use ROBO Pro Light software, this set introduces programming activities and incorporates robotics as a catalyst for interactive learning. Through building a model, students will experience hands-on applications of programming and see how this translates to the physical world. This is an incredible beginner program, used in elementary classrooms and higher.

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fischertechnik Education | Computational Learning in Action

Success in computer science isn't simply dependent on learning how to use computers or develop programming skills. It is also crucial to establish inherent computational logic and analytical coding skills. Students are encouraged to learn the basics of computer science and learn to apply it in various circumstances. Give them the opportunities to become producers, rather than consumers, in the digital economy!

The fischertechnik STEM Engineering set empowers students to design and construct their own automated systems. Again, this set is based heavily in computer science with a core emphasis on programming and automation. Containing over 30 different activities, it focuses on using ROBO Pro programming to control and automate everyday processes. Get an in depth look at how coding works and strengthen your computational logic with this comprehensive program.

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Foster Success in the Classroom with fischertechnik

fischertechnik Education is dedicated creating classroom solutions that establish a lifelong interest in computer science and the principles of STEM. The funds proposed in Obama's Computer Science for All Initiative would give states and districts the resources to train existing and new teachers and expand access to learning materials. It is important that the computer science solutions these schools adopt are both versatile and cost-effective. This is where fischertechnik Education can make a difference!

Learn more about teaching with fischertechnik and discover some of the additional STEM sets available.

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