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fischertechnik Solar Power

fischertechnik Solar Power is a learning-by-playing approach to solar power. The solar module and the motor included in this set can be used to make a solar vehicle and a ventilating fan. The solar module generates electricity from the energy of the sun to move this set's solar boats and the solar car models. The activity guide will help you assemble your solar powered vehicles and provide relevant information regarding solar technology. On Water or land, these models offer a fun learning experience for kids and adults alike!

Features of fischertechnik Solar Power

As part of fischertechnik's STEM line, the Solar Power set offers builders a fun, hands-on environment that explores solar technology. The best way to introduce young learners to more complex STEM concepts is to find an engaging way to explain it. The Solar Power set does just that with 4 different models that demonstrate how solar power works and explores its applications - specifically to drive systems.

This set includes 160 fischertechnik parts to construct the following models:

  • Solar Catamaran
  • Paddle Steamer
  • Race Car
  • Ventilating Fan

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Recommended for Ages 8+

This set includes four models and 160 parts.

fischertechnik Solar Power parts also include:

  • solar module (2V; 200mA)
  • solar motor (2V)
  • boat hull

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