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  • Innovative Project-Based Solutions for STEM Education

    Turn-key and customizable programs for middle schools and high schools specifically designed to meet Common Core standards of Math, Reading and Writing in addtion to NSES, ISTE and ITEEA.

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  • Engaging Education Solutions

    "Students most likely to major in STEM fields in college (and persist to earn their degrees) are those who develop interest in STEM careers through early career planning and take challenging classes that prepare them for college-level science and math coursework."
    – STEM Education Coalition, K-12 STEM Ed Report Card

    The fischertechnik STEM Lab Program provides students with engaging, hands-on instruction for technology and essential related concepts. The program covers the topics of science, technology, engineering and also incorporates mathematics, reading and writing standards. The fischertechnik STEM Lab Program offers an ideal integration of project-based learning and standards-based curriculum. Created to promote inquiry, design and problem solving skills, this program was developed for use with the fischertechnik construction system.

  • Keys to Success

    To be successful, a STEM program needs to be fully integrated. The best method demonstrated so far utilizes a comprehensive project-based curriculum. This helps students answer the questions "Why do I need to know this?" and "Where will I ever use this?"

    Each level – Middle and High School – consists of various theme projects which enable students to explore and understand essential Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics concept areas.

  • Project-Based STEM Education Solutions

    One of the many benefits of STEM education is the integration and application of cross-curricular content. This allows students to understand the relationship of the subjects they study. By combining curriculum with hands-on exploration and creation, the fischertechnik STEM Lab Program offers an effective turn-key or customizable solution for STEM Education.

    "The fischertechnik STEM program meets Common Core Standards for Math, Reading and Writing as well as the National Science Education Standards, and standards of ISTE, ITEEA. This program is designed to engage students in the study of Applied Physics with a systems approach to Electronics, Control and Sensing." – Tom White, Program Creator

  • Benefits of Project-Based Learning

    Project-based curriculum allows for deep exploration of a problem. Design these challenges to allow different students to develop several solutions to the same problem. Students then plan, organize and conduct research. These activities provide students with needed skills, confidence and knowledge. Students utilize their research in the design, prototyping, testing and evaluation of a solution.