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fischertechnik Universal Starter

fischertechnik Universal Starter is a great introduction to technology and the fischertechnik building set. Models like the crane with cable winch and worm gear, the racing car with steering, the teeter-totter and many more, help young learners comprehend basic technology and mechanic concepts. As part of the fischertechnik universe, this set encourages creativity and includes components to build your own mechanical designs. Builders are inspired to explore the use of gears, basic building blocks, static parts, wheels and much more! Learn through play with the Universal Starter set.

Features of fischertechnik Universal Starter

Young builders are inspired to explore fischertechnik with the Universal Starter set. Create one of twelve different models. Or better yet, design and construct your own mechanical wonder with essential components, such as gears, basic building blocks, wheels and much more! The fischertechnik Universal Starter set makes it easy by helping children understand everyday technology through play.

Follow the step-by-step instructions for constructing twelve different models! Some of which include a crane with cable winch, a racing car with steering, a teeter-totter with a four-bar linkage and many more. There are 240 fischertechnik parts in all.

Ideal additions to your Universal Starter set:
Incorporate additional functionality into your starter set by integrating other fun fischertechnik sets!

  • Motor Set XS
  • LED Set
  • Power Set


fischertechnik Universal Starter is recommended for builders ages 9+.

For detail information regarding the fischertechnik parts included in this set, please see "Parts List for fischertechnik Universal Starter - 536618".

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