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    Biohazard Material Yellow Ball

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    Biohazard Material Yellow Bin

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    Recycle Material Blue Ball

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    Recycle Material Blue Bin

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    This bin is ideal for robotics competitions.  Dimensions are 6"x2"x6" (inches).

    Traffic Light

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    Game element for use with waste management challenge designs. 

    Traffic Sign Bundle

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    Traffic Sign Holder

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    Waste Management Autonomous Robot Challenge Kit

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    The WorldSkills Waste Management Autonomous Robot Challenge requires a team of two students / competitors to design and build a robot that will efficiently collect and deliver materials from homes to the Waste Management Center. The robot must be built to function autonomously. Many elements can be introduced or removed to make this challenge more difficult or easier, such as; introducing traffic, adding construction, reducing the size of the road, etc.

    Waste Materal Green Ball

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    Waste Material Green Bin

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    Stop Sign

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    A game element part for robotics and competition design.