Grant Proposal Resource

Enjoy these step by step guidelines for writing a

grant proposal.

This handy resource explains

how to write a grant proposal

and helps explain

how to get a grant

. This document is focused primarily on

STEM education

and is designed to help you secure

education and government grants

but can be used for all grant proposals as a starting point. Included is a sample proposal for your reference using the fischertechnik STEM program. Get started getting grants for school today! While you are here you may want to check our schedule of upcoming and recorded educational webinars.


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Grant Proposal Resource Includes:

  • Step by Step Guidelines
  • Elements of a Grant Proposal
  • What your proposal needs to explain
  • Proposal example using fischertechnik

    STEM program

  • Research sources for

    STEM Education

  • How to find school grants
  • STEM Focused Organizations

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