IBM SPSS FAQs & Installation Information

Studica offers IBM SPSS customers support and assistance with installation and licensing. We provide fully downloadable versions of all IBM SPSS Grad Packs, which means you don't need to hassle with shipping or waiting on your software to arrive.

Have questions in regards to your purchase? Need help with installation? Please take a look at some of our frequently asked questions and online resources below. 

IBM SPSS Product Features

Which Grad Pack should I Purchase?
IBM SPSS offers Grad Packs equipped with analytic subjects for several different subject. Visit our products page to discover which one is right for your classroom.

Can I purchase Amos, Modeler or Data Entry for Mac operating systems?
No. At this time, Modeler and Data Entry are only available for Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) systems. Amos is only available for Windows (32-bit).

What are the system requirements for SPSS Statistics?
System requirements are dependent on your operating system and the product version. Please refer to the following links for these requirements:

How many machines can I install my license on?
Each Grad Pack allows you to install it twice during the license term. We recommend that you only install it on one machine at a time, so you can use the additional installation in the even that something happens to your computer system. If you require installation on more than two machines, you will be required to buy another license.

How do I renew my existing SPSS Grad Pack?
SPSS Grad Packs have a fixed licensing term, and do not offer renewal. Those that need continued access to SPSS following the end of their licensing term, will simply need to purchase a new Grad Pack license. Licenses are available for download with 6 months or 12 month term.

Student Verification & Online Ordering

Do I have to use a student or academic e-mail address when ordering?
You do not have to, but it is highly recommended that you use your academic institution's e-mail address. Using this address makes it easier for us to verify your student status, and allows us to send your download faster. However, you don't have to provide this e-mail address. You can order the license using any valid e-mail address, and we will process your academic proof as quickly as possible.

How do I send in my student proof?
Studica accepts student proof via upload, fax or e-mail. You will receive an e-mail after you place your order with an upload link. You can also send your proof using our online form (You must be logged into your account for this option).

  • Uploaded files must be less than 10MB
  • Accepted file formats are .bmp, .gif, .jpeg, .jpg and .tif
  • E-mailed files must be less than 5MB (This can be done by using a lower quality setting on your digital camera or scanning your document at 200 DPI or less)

What is acceptable proof of my student status?
The following are acceptable forms of proof for education verification:

  • Copy of a dated student ID
  • Copy of a dated tuition bill
  • Official/Unofficial student transcript
  • Dated letter from your school confirming you are enrolled there for the noted academic calendar year

How long does it take to validate my student proof?
Orders usually ship within 2-3 business days provided that the item is in stock, and your current education verification is on file.

Downloads are not received instantly. It takes time for our team to process these orders and verify your academic proof. Please follow the instructions sent to the e-mail address you provided to access your download.

IBM SPSS Installation & Downloading

When will I receive the license code/download link for my IBM SPSS order?
Confirmation of your order will take between 10-15 minutes. You can expect to receive an e-mail from Studica with the download links for SPSS. If we require further proof of your student status, you will also receive a link to upload your proof. You will not receive your full license until we have verified your academic proof. 

Why am I directed to install a demo/trial version following my purchase?
The SPSS installer is the same for both the trial version and the full licensed version. Following the completion of your order, you will receive a license code, which allows you to activate the complete set of features for the duration of your purchase.

How large is the download file?
The size of the file is based on your operating system, Mac or Windows. Installer files range from 600-800MB.

How long will it take to download?
The duration of download time is dependent on your internet speed. For cable/high speed DSL connections, average time is around 10 minutes. For slower broadband/3G connections, average time is 30 minutes.

Where can I find the SPSS installation files?
Following the completion of your order, you will receive an e-mail that provides a link to download your software. The download will automatically ask you if you would like to install SPSS. You can also find a downloadable (trial) copy on the IBM website, which will require you to register as a user on the site.

Where are the SPSS Programs I have installed on my computer?
For Windows systems: Unless you override it during installation, SPSS programs are installed in Program FilesIBM SPSS Statistics and can be found under windows-start/all programs/IBM Statistics.

For Mac OSX systems: Unless you override it during installation, SPSS programs are installed in Macintosh HDStatistics23 (or latest version) and can be accessed in the same place.

IBM SPSS Licensing & Activation

What is an authorization code?
This is a code that includes 20 characters (numbers and letters, without spaces). It activates your license and the features of your SPSS purchase. We recommend copying and pasting the code as sent to you. This will ensure an accurate transfer of your code.

What is the license authorization wizard?
This is the application that allows you to input your authorization code, so you can access your IBM SPSS license.

How do I activate my SPSS Authorized user license?
This is dependent on your operating system. Please see below.

Windows: Go to the "Windows start button" > select program files > scroll down to IBM SPSS Statistics: the license authorization wizard is shown along with the SPSS application. Right click the license authorization wizard > select "run as administrator". The application will launch and provide you with the option to activate a trial or input your authorization code.

Mac OSX: Use Spotlight to search for "law". Click this file to run the license authorization wizard > the application will launch and provide you with the option to activate a trial or input your authorization code.

How can I see what SPSS modules were activated by my license?
Run the license authorization wizard to view installed licenses and their expiration dates.

Where on my computer do I find the license authorization wizard?
This is dependent on your operating system. Please see below.

Windows: By default this is installed in Program FilesIBM SPSS Statistics, unless an override is in place. It should be available under "Windows start" > all programmes/IBM Statistics

Mac OSX: By default this is installed in Macintosh HDStatistics23 (or the latest relevant version number), unless an override is in place.

How do I update my license code on a computer that already has SPSS installed?
Locate the SPSS License Authorization Wizard installed on your computer. Run the wizard. Windows users can start by right-clicking and selecting "Run as Administrator". Complete the steps and enter your authorization code when prompted.

When I entered my authorization code, I received an "invalid license code". What can I do?
Valid SPSS authorization codes are always 20 characters, which includes numbers (0-9) and lowercase letters (a-f). Please make sure you are not entering spaces or punctuation marks in the entry field. Often users will receive an "invalid license code" notice when they have incorrectly typed in their code. Try copying and pasting authorization codes. If copy and pasted the code previously, try typing it out. Still having issues? Contact us for further assistance.

When I try to verify my license, I receive an "Authorization failed. You are not authorized to generate any more licenses" notice. What can I do?
IBM SPSS Grad Packs can only be installed twice during your license term. Attempting to install the license a third time will result in this notice. If you require installation on more machines, you will need to purchase a second license. 

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