iClone 3D Animation Software

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Reallusion iClone Character Animation Creation for Unity 3D & Autodesk Maya.

Character animation has many options for creation in iClone

Introduction to the iClone character animation software, importing a custom character and animating with HumanIK. Animation tools for puppeteering, mocap library, motion layer editing, along with quick and simple ways to generate walks and idle motions. iClone is real-time and provides a unique character animation environment that has a pipeline for FBX character import, animation and export to FBX.

Complete custom character import to iClone connects 3D assets from the student's portfolio. Students may import their models and retarget them ready for facial animation and motion creation using iClone For previs, pre-production and indie studio projects, iClone is a character animation tool for the modern game developer.

  • - Review character import & characterization.
  • - Lip-Synch Facial Animation
  • - Body Motion Mocap library & puppeteering
  • - Prepare & export FBX for Unity 3D & Autodesk Maya
Character animation has many options for creation in Reallusion iClone

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Here is a video recording of iClone in Action.