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Heart Sounds Sensor

The HSMN-300 hearts sound microphone connects to the white lure connector of the SPN-304 Spirometer. The SPN-304 unit contains a differential air pressure sensor that measures the difference in air pressure between the two ports. When the microphone diaphragm is pressed against the chest, heart beats cause small changes in the volume of the chest cavity, which are sensed as pressure changes in the SPN-304. The SPN-304 will produce a voltage, which is directly proportional to this pressure. It is this voltage that is recorded.

Length of Tubing: 6"
Connector: Lure
Calibration: N/A
Default scaling Value: N/A

Measurement Instructions:

1. Place the SPN-304 in the HeartSounds mode, using the switch.

2. Connect the HSMN-304 to the white connector of the SPN-304.

Please refer to the SPN-304 Instructions.

Heart Sounds Sensor

Part# HSMN-300


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