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NI LabVIEW for STEM Education - for Secondary Schools

With NI LabVIEW, you'll help your students connect with science and engineering concepts using an intuitive visual approach and real-world examples. As they create, build and learn, your class will gain skills valuable in tomorrow's workplace. There's a wealth of existing lesson materials to use, or teach and share lessons you create. Look closer to see how you can teach more effectively and bring learning to life with LabVIEW. Learn more.

K12 Classrooms

With its engineering heritage, LabVIEW makes a natural complement to high school STEM as well as Career Technology and Engineering classrooms. That’s where students learn the tools they’ll continue to use throughout their careers. But any project-based environment is a good place for LabVIEW. Physics and Chemistry teachers especially like that LabVIEW takes the emphasis off busy-work and focuses students on the science concepts—showing them real-world applications in real time. Even Math teachers appreciate how LabVIEW’s live-data capabilities let students investigate and see theories with their own eyes. After-school robotics clubs use LabVIEW to build thing faster and more reliably.

Robotics Competitions

Robotics teams are engineers in trainings. They work together, have clear objectives and not much time to finish. That’s why they use LabVIEW—just like the pros. Because it’s built to work with a broad set of hardware, competitors can count on LabVIEW to provide reliable measurement and control for whatever rig the assignment demands. The graphical environment assures that programs are written quickly and debugged on the spot. Teams stay focused on solving the problem, not managing the equipment. And that contributes to the ultimate objective—learning to think like engineers. National programs like FIRST Robotics rely on LabVIEW to drive the projects that drive learning.


From freshman classrooms to graduate-level and research labs, every university needs a bedrock data acquisition and analysis tool. In thousands of higher education schools all over the world, that tool is LabVIEW. Having proven itself in the engineering industry, college staff appreciate that LabVIEW burns through high-demand data tasks without stumbling. When instructors addresses the newest, most complex scientific findings, they need to know that students are thinking about the concepts, not tinkering with the lab gear. And when it’s time for researchers to prototype their innovations, they choose LabVIEW to accelerate development times. LabVIEW’s flexible and open architecture makes it the perfect tool for building and controlling the next big breakthrough.


LabVIEW was originally built for the demands of commercial engineering over 2 decades ago. In that time it had grown into the industry standard for engineering operations around the world. The reason is simple: It's powerful and uniquely suited for the programming needs of engineering. It’s the engineers themselves that have suggested new features and applications over the years. The most common applications include: acquiring data, processing signals, automating tests, validating systems, designing embedded systems and controlling instruments and machines. What could you do with LabVIEW?

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