Pitsco Education - Aerospace: Technology That Aims for the Sky

Pitsco Education - Aerospace helps educators introduce students of all ages to the world of aerospace. Enjoy a progression of rocketry and other aerospace activities. Pitsco Education provides a range of four different types of rockets: straw, air, water and solid fuel. Or choose from a selection of hot-air balloons, kits and parachutes to demonstrate thrust, lift, buoyancy and other STEM related concepts.

AquaPort II Water Rocket Launcher


Launch Commander




R2K Bottle Rocket


Stalwart Blaster Water Rocket


Airtech Scout 2.0


FLO Fog Generator


Pitsco Air Raptor


Pitsco AP Glider


Pitsco AP Rockes & Gliders - Getting Started Package


Pitsco AP Rocket


Pitsco Balsa Gliders - Getting Started Package

  € 170,56

Pitsco BFF Balsa Foam Flyer


Pitsco Chutepack II


Pitsco Economy Rocket Pack with Engines

  € 257,24

Pitsco Economy Rocket Pack without Engines


Pitsco Engineering Education Units

  € 4.491,94

Pitsco Flightpak Power Pack

  € 156,58

Pitsco Foam Wing Glider Pack


Pitsco HB Bond II


Pitsco Kazoon Kite Kit


Pitsco Mini Straw Rocket Launcher


Pitsco Model Airplanes - Getting Started Package


Pitsco Parachutes - Getting Started Package

  € 77,20

Pitsco Raven - Getting Started Package

  € 446,41

Pitsco Rocket Fin Holder


Pitsco Rocket Kit Book


Pitsco Solid-Fuel Rocket


Pitsco Solid-Fuel Rockets - Getting Started Package


Pitsco STEM Education Units - Air Rockets


Pitsco STEM Education Units - High-Flying Rockets

  € 2.516,49

Pitsco STEM Education Units - Model Airplanes


Pitsco Straw Rocket Launcher


Pitsco Water Rockets - Getting Started Package

  € 414,17