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With new tools and expanded capabilities for design and manufacturing, NX 11 can help you make more informed decisions and develop more innovative products. Leading edge performance for design and manufacturing. A comprehensive mechanical design and manufacturing solution, NX lets you choose the tools and methodologies that best suit your design challenge, and work directly with design data from other CAD systems. A unique assembly design and mockup environment, process specific design aids, drafting and 3D annotation help you work significantly faster than you would with general purpose CAD tools.

NX Learning Edition has most of the design features and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) capabilities of the retail version. Watermarks will be added to printed and plotted data to prevent the NX Learning Edition from being used for commercial work. In addition File->Export capabilities are blocked. NX Learning Edition can output 3D STL files commonly used for rapid prototyping and 3D printing. In addition CAM data will not be available for Post Processing, and the displayed output of tool path information will have limited precision.

Part files created in NX Learning Edition will not be able to be retrieved in the retail version, but can be retrieved in the full academic packages available to education establishments.

You will be able to develop the design skills needed for a successful career. By learning NX, you'll gain vital CAD/CAM skills that today's employers demand. With an NX background, you'll have a clear advantage in the industrial design, engineering or part manufacturing job markets.

Note: NX Learning Edition does not include NX CAE.

Solution Capabilities:

  • Comprehensive 3D design tools including, wireframe, surface, solid and synchronous modeling.
  • Sophisticated freeform shape modeling, surface continuity, analysis and visualization tools.
  • Complete Assembly tools to allow development of product assemblies.
  • 2D drafting and 3D annotation tools for effective documentation.
  • Knowledge capture and automation tools.
  • Ability to output to 3D printers
  • Full suite of CAM programming tools to allow creation of NC data for 2 – 5 axis and wire-edm machine tools
  • Toolpath visualization and verification tools to accurately depict behavior of machine tools


Solution Benefits:

  • Fast efficient design creation
  • Ability to create prismatic and freeform aesthetic product designs
  • Visualization tools allow generation of high quality visual images of 3D models
  • Standards compliant documentation tools to allow 2D drawings to be created from 3D designs
  • Significant time savings through embedded knowledge re-use tools
  • Integrated CAM allows manufacturing information to be generated from 3D models giving a clear understanding of the manufacturing process

System Requirements:


  • Windows (64 Bit) – 64 bit Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 only
  • Memory: 2GB
  • Language: English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French and German are included
  • Size: 5.6 GB for the application, 5.0 GB for the documentation and training

Important Notes:

  • Please make sure the correct Host ID is provide. What is a Host ID and how do you find it? No change or update can be made once the software order is completed.
  • No software transfers between computers are allowed. If the student changes computers they must purchase a new license.
  • Learning Edition licenses are not eligible to receive technical telephone support (GTAC)
  • Usage of the learning edition is intended for academic work, so files cannot be opened in commercial versions, and 2D drawings are watermarked, CAM data cannot be post-processed.

Additional Documentation Required for Purchase:

Customer Reviews

  1. First time user

    by on

    I love it

    Location: MIT

  2. good product

    by on

    good software to learn how to draw 3D drawings.but only disadvantage is can not export to PDF.so can not uppload and print out.

    Location: Finland

  3. NX11

    by on


    Location: Las Vegas

  4. Awesome learning tool and for 3D printing

    by on

    The NX 11 Learning Edition runs on my home computer better than I had hoped. I don't have a very high-end computer. It has 12Gb of memory, but uses integrated graphics with shared memory. NX actually starts much faster than other software I use. It is also very responsive with my 3D Connexion motion controller. This edition is perfectly suited to create models for 3D printing, because the only interfaces are for exporting STL files. You can bring models to an academic version at your school, but don't expect to use this version to edit models from your company at home. You also can't print anything; you can only take screen grabs of images and drawings. This is good enough for school projects, but not for production drawings. The install is a little tricky in a few spots, because the instructions are several versions out-of-date both for Windows 10 and for NX 11. For example, the instructions say to run ipconfig/all and submit the "MAC" address listed for the "Local Area Connection." This is now called a "physical address." From my computer, I wasn't sure whether to use the physical address for a "Wireless LAN adapter Local Area Connection," or the "Ethernet adapter Ethernet." There was also a third physical address for "Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi." I chose the physical address for the Ethernet adapter, and it worked. Yay! Another difference from the instructions is where it says there are two downloads. For NX 11, there is no documentation download, because the documentation is linked over the internet. Yay! This means that you can read all the documentation and view all the videos without installing them on your local computer. When you click Help or press F1, it takes you right to the correct page in the documentation for the command you are using.

    Location: Cincinnati

  5. Fulfills every need i had

    by on

    The process is pretty straight forward, and fast. Easy to install and works perfectly

    Location: Mexico city

  6. NX11 Learning Edition

    by on

    Many thanks to Siemens for making this program available. This is a must have for students just getting into the biz and for gray haired folks looking to stay current (and relevant, darn sixth grade computer wiz's). Anyway, easy to install, runs nicely on an I5 6BG Win10 laptop. Thanks again Siemens!

    Location: Somewhere between here and there.

  7. NX 10 Student

    by on

    Quick Download, Easy Installation, and Clear Instructions makes this World Class software a must have for any Engineer or Designer.

    Location: Midland, Michigan

  8. Fantastic Learning Opportunity

    by on

    The NX10 Learning Edition contains most all of the functionality available to NX10 users and allows the new student to develop the skills needed to effectively put to use NX10's considerable power. Combined with a membership to Siemens' Learning Advantage e-Learning portal, the skills development opportunities are endless!!! I cannot recommend this combination enough to the new NX10 user.

    Location: San Jose, California, USA

  9. NX 9 Student Edition

    by on

    It is very helpful and the documentation gives a lot of information.

    Location: MI-USA

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