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    Language is the Driver

    Language Tree Online believes "language is the driver and content is the passenger." LTO understands that acquiring vocabulary and reading comprehension (content) is important. However, that should not be the sole or even the main focus of your ELD instruction.

    English learners need a good understanding of how language is applied and how it works. Otherwise, they are missing the foundational support they need to achieve full proficiency. Considering the Summative ELPAC is designed to assess language skills, it is not unexpected that ELs are struggling to achieve redesignation even after years of ELD study.

    When you evaluate resources for your English learners, one critical element you should examine is how well the materials align with the current California ELD standards.


    Alignment with CA 2012 Standards

    The principles of Universal Design for Learning are utilized by ELD programs from Language Tree Online. Using this approach provides flexibility in the ways that students can access, engage with, and demonstrate knowledge of material. Language Tree Online's lessons and assessments cover the complete depth and breadth of the CA 2012 ELD standards. This includes all the multiple language skills and functions for each individual standard.

    Language Tree Online ELD programs are in lock-step with the California ELD Standards. Learn more how these lessons align with CA 2012 ELD standards. View scope and sequence.


    Level and Age Appropriate ELD Curriculum

    The standards-based ELD curriculum from Language Tree Online focuses specifically on the needs of English learners in grades 6-12. It provides realistic peer-to-peer interactions and topics that are developmentally appropriate for this particular age group.

    The comprehensive programs and resources for English learners address language development expectations along the continuum of the Newcomer & Emerging and Expanding levels.

    • ELD Level 1 is designed for Emerging and Newcomer English learners that have 0-24 months of study
    • ELD Level 2 is designed for Expanding level learners and LTELs (long-term English learners) who are close to re-designation as a fluent English Proficiency Learner.

    What Does Designated ELD Mean?

    In this video, David Noyes will explain. David is a National Board-certified English Language Development Coach and the lead curriculum developer at Language Tree Online. Here is a summary of the information provided in this video:

    • The definition of "designated ELD"
    • How CA 2012 ELD standards match with this instruction
    • Why time is important
    • An explanation of how the Language Tree Online program works with designated ELD

    To learn more about Language Tree Online or request more information or a quote, please contact Studica.