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MOOCs stands for Massive Open Online Courses. These courses provide open access to education around the world via the internet. MOOC education allows students to connect with traditional modes of learning – such as lectures, readings and assignments – and encourages them to interact with others in established forums. It offers a supported community where students and educators can share content, structure learning goals and spark academic discussions. Studica offers material for these courses at amazing academic discounts. Check out some of the courses we're supplying this semester!

Georgia Tech MOOC Students

Linear Circuits - Georgia Tech, Professor Bonnie H. Ferri - Learn the analysis of circuits including resistors, capacitors and inductors. This course is an introduction to electrical systems directed towards people who are in science or engineering fields outside of electrical or computer engineering fields.

Class Materials: 

  • NI myDAQ and Circuits Textbook Bundle - For Students
  • NI myDAQ with LabVIEW, Multisim and Ultiboard

*This course is offered through Coursera

Coursera is an education platform that partners with top universities and institutions worldwide to offer courses online for anyone to take, anywhere.

Berkeley MOOC Students

Electronic Interfaces: Bridging the Physical and Digital Worlds, EE40LX - Learn by doing: analyze, design and build electronic interfaces between sensors and a microcontroller to build a robot or your own creation in this hands-on lab course.

Class Materials: 

  • NI myDAQ - Student
  • myProtoBoard for NI myDAQ
  • mySTEM™ Project Board for NI myDAQ (includes Starter Kit)
  • mySTEM™ Project Board for NI myDAQ (Do Engineering Freshman Kit)
  • mySTEM™ Project Board for NI myDAQ (Do Engineering Freshman Kit & NI Student myDAQ, LabVIEW & Multisim)

*This course is offered through edX

edX offers interactive online classes and MOOCs from the world’s best universities and academic organizations.

University of North Dakota MOOC Students

Circuit Analysis, EE206 Professor Prakash Ranganathan - EE 206 provides students with an in-depth understanding of Electrical Engineering theory and concepts.

Electrical Engineering Lab, EE206 Professor Prakash Ranganathan - EE 306/307 is a laboratory course, which provides students with a hands-on understanding of Electrical Engineering concepts.

Class Materials: 

  • UND Student NI myDAQ Bundle - EE101
  • UND Course EE101 Bundle (NI myDAQ NOT Included)
  • UND Student NI myDAQ Bundle - EE202 Electric Lab
  • UND Student NI myDAQ Bundle - EE304
  • UND Student NI myDAQ Bundle - EE206 Non EE Major Kit
  • UND Student NI myDAQ Bundle - EE306/EE307 Kit

*This course is offered through Course Hero

Course Hero is an educational technology company that provides students with course-specific content, tools and services.

MOOCs: Make Your Education Work for You

Studica is proud to support Coursera, edX and Course Hero as leading MOOC providers, because we believe that everyone deserves an education. For 30 years, we have offered students, teachers and educational institutions the resources and technology they need to get the most out of learning.

Our partnership with these organizations ensures that students will not only learn from highly qualified educators, but also have access to the same software, hardware and additional resources utilized by professionals. MOOC students have access to the devices and extra components they need to keep up with course demands. Now, you can benefit from an online classroom environment and receive incredible academic discounts on products that will support your success.