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    Dig In and Explore STEM with MudWatt

    MudWatt engages learners of all ages in important STEM topics and the natural world. The MudWatt has a wide range of interest and usability with experience from university settings to kindergarten classrooms. This microbial fuel cell (MFC) represents an emerging technology for generating electricity that is clean and reliable. Follow the flow of electrons to understand how the MudWatt works and consider each step of the energy cycle. Each lesson included with the module is developed to give students the background and instruction they need to engage in their own exploration of MFCs. Learn more and check out the MudWatt kits below!

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    MudWatt Classic Kit

    ( 9 In stock)

    Explore the power of microbes with the MudWatt™ Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) Kit. Simply fill this kit with soil from your backyard (or someone else's backyard), along with anything you find in your refrigerator. Within days the attached LED light will start to blink using only the power produced by the electricity-generating microbes in your soil!

    MudWatt Classroom Pack (10 units)

    ( 3 In stock)

    The MudWatt is a fun and educational science kit that uses the natural micro-organisms found within dirt to generate electricity! The MudWatt Classroom Kit will help engage your students in science and engineering in a whole new way. The MudWatt helps by merging disciplines like microbiology, decomposition, renewable energy, electrical engineering all in one fun and memorable experience! The MudWatt Classroom Kit serves 10 - 30 students. You can even reuse the MudWatts, they just need to be cleaned between uses. The MudWatt has everything you need, you just need to provide the soil!