mySTEM™ Project Board

miniSystem designed for use with NI myDAQ and LabVIEW

What is the mySTEM™ Project Board?

The mySTEM™ Project Board is a miniSystem designed to allow students to create solutions to unique design problems. It allows students to connect the National Instruments myDAQ to a variety of output devices. It is an affordable solution that turns the NI myDAQ into a programmable action controller and allows for the control of four separate output channels.

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mySTEM™ Board miniSystem designed for use the NI myDAQ and LabVIEW

Key Benefits

  • Allows students to connect the NI myDAQ to large, high-current output devices

    This is needed because the signals created by the myDAQ are very low power and in order to control larger output a separate circuit driver is necessary.

  • Allows students to focus on signal processing and the logic of control

    by minimizing the wiring needed for students to write a control program in LabVIEW and connect to various types of output devices when setting up projects.

  • Affordable and Ideal for supporting creativity and exploring a wider range of solutions

    In essence, the mySTEM™ Board turns the myDAQ into a programmable action device that allows for control of four separate output channels with adaptability to many types of situations.

  • Learning Resources

    Prepared by distinguished Educator, Tom White, included with purchase.

Purchasing options for the mySTEM™ Board

  • Summary of Learning Resources

    • Access the downloadable mySTEM Quick Start Guide.
    • Download the Introductory Curriculum to the mySTEM™ Project Board
    • Covers combinational and sequential logic and application to control systems
    • Discusses digital and analog sensors and the decision process
    • Instructs how to connect active and passive sensors
    • Explains the process of designing programs, how to turn state machine diagrams and flowcharts into LabVIEW programming to control systems
  • Related Subject Areas

    STEM Education Programs, Engineering Technology, Engineering Programs: Mechanical, Electrical, Control Systems, Industrial, Process Control, Manufacturing, Automation and Robotics.

    What is STEM Education?

  • More miniSystems for National Instruments myDAQ, LabVIEW and Multisim

    Studica offers a variety of miniSystems that can help you get the most out our your myDAQ, Multisim and LabVIEW software. The myGrid miniSystem is used to investigate components of a power grid. myTemp for NI myDAQ is a mult-temperature control and measurement system that is used to teach temperature process control and other applications. The protoboard accessory board is designed to connect directly with NI myDAQ hardware. You can also design, construct at test structures for earthquake resistance with the myQuake miniSystem. This is just the top of the iceberg, there are many more miniSystems that can help you create wonderful new solutions with the NI myDAQ.

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