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    Robotics for the Real-World

    Nexus Automation Limited grew out of a desire to take robot science out of robotics industries and bring real-world applications to non-technical consumers, gamers, and robotic developers. Supported by strong practical experience, Nexus is committed to the development of easy-to-use robots for everyday use. This company is passionate about expanding robotic technology to its full potential.

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    100mm Mecanum Wheel Right w/Bearing Rollers

    (4 In stock)

    The Mecanum wheel is one design for a wheel which can move in any direction. It is sometimes called the Ilon wheel after its Swedish inventor :Bengt Ilon.

    This is a piece of left Mecanum wheel. it is supposed to work together with other 3 Mecanum wheelss(2 left and 1 right).Its rollers are mounted with ball bearings, make it roll more fluently.


    • Diameter:100mm
    • width:50m
    • Number of Rollers:9
    • Number of Plates:2
    • Body material:Aluminium alloy
    • Roller material: PP+PE
    • Spacer material:Nylon
    • Length of roller:47mm
    • Net weight:400g
    • Load capacity:15Kg

    Compatible Hubs:

    Mounting Hub, 4mm

    (17 In stock)

    The 4mm universal aluminum mounting hubs for 60mm Omni Wheels, allows you to mount robot wheels and mechanisms to motor shafts. It was designed to connect our 60mm aluminum Omni Wheel 14145 and a motor. The 4mm universal aluminum mounting hubs include one stainless steel hex socket set screw for securing a motor to the hub.

    Key Features:

    • • Used to connect 60mm aluminum Omni Wheel and a motor
    • • Material: Aluminum-alloy
    • • Outside diameter: 28mm
    • • Bore length: 16mm
    • • Inside diameter: 4mm
    • • Net weight: 12g
    • • Sold in individually

    Compatible Wheel:

    Brass Hex Coupling, 3mm, For 38MM Plastic Omni Wheel

    (1 In stock)
    • Brass Hex Coupling For 38 mm Plastic Omni Wheel (3 mm)
    • Offers high-quality copper couplings
    • Compatible with 38 mm Plastic Omni Wheel
    • Equipped with a stainless steel hexagon socket screw
    • Material: brass
    • Hole diameter: 3 mm