Take Your Design from Idea to Reality

Pololu is an electronics manufacturer serving education and professional engineering industries with products ranging from sensors to motion control electronics and complete robots. This company strives to offer quality engineered products that enable you to make your project ideas a reality. 

m3pi Expansion Kit for 3pi Robot

$27.95   $23.95

Pololu 3pi Robot

$99.95   $79.95

Pololu began with the unique IR beacon system designed to enable pairs of robots to detect each other. This product was developed for the 6.270 Autonomous Robot Design Competition so that students could give their robots more sophiscated strategies. From there, the company expanded to provide the best in robotic components to those interested in technology and engineering. Its products include sensors, motion control electronics, motors, wheels, complete robots and more. Get the benefits of expert support and quality design with Pololu.