Avid Pro Tools 12: Inspiring New Features

Avid welcomes the latest release of its world renown DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), Pro Tools 12! This platform has become an industry standard, offering everything you need to compose, edit, record and mix professional audio and music. Get connected and stay connected with the latest in audio production!

6 Reasons to Purchase Avid Pro Tools 12 

  1. Accessibility
    Pro Tools 12 introduces new pricing inspired by 'Avid Everywhere'. Now, students, faculty, hobbyists, artists and professionals can find a price point that fits their budget. Select from subscription based prices, or a complete stand-alone. The choice is yours! 
  1. Avid Cloud Collaboration (coming soon)
    Compose, record, edit and mix sessions collaboratively with other Pro Tools users, as if you’re all working together in the same studio. Work on the same session at the same time or create offline and share updates directly within Pro Tools. Share audio and MIDI tracks, edits, mix changes, automation and more.
  1. Avid Marketplace (coming soon)
    Publish session files, multichannel stems and stereo mixdowns directly from Pro Tools for licensing in Avid Marketplace. This feature offers an engaging platform for students and independent artists to establish a professional portfolio. Connect with artists, musicians, engineers and other media professionals to foster new collaborative and creative opportunities.
  1. Asset Management - Integrated Metadata (coming soon)
    Avid is offering an upcoming archival system for Pro Tools 12. With it, you'll be able to store and track your projects whether you've saved them locally or in the cloud. Archive a stereo mix, full sessions, individual stems or even flatten all tracks, so that the original plug-ins used to create them aren’t required.
  1. New Sounds Always Available
    Pro Tools 12 has an updated in-app Marketplace, which allows you to conveniently buy and integrate virtual instruments, plug-ins and more.
  1. Includes Annual Upgrades and Support Plan*
    Stay ahead with all the latest features at your fingertips. Whether you decide to go with the Pro Tools annual subscription or the complete stand-alone, Avid offers users a complete year of upgrades and support included with every purchase.

    Complete owners can purchase an annual support and upgrade plan upon the expiration of their initial support, while subscription users will automatically receive this plan upon their annual renewal.

*Licenses and upgrades must be registered with Avid in order to take advantage of this offer.

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Pro Tools Standard Features: Audio Production Must-Haves

  • Re-built Avid Audio Engine boosts plug-in and virtual instrument performance, and optimized processign of host for AAX
  • Support for 64-bit architecture, offers increased space for memory and heightens functionality
  • Expanded metering
  • Provides offline bounce, faster than real-time online bounce – speeds up stem and mix deliveries
  • Integrated Avid Video Engine, sync your audio efficiently and accurately with video
  • Intuitive interface, easy to use
  • Retina support
  • Automate while recording

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