Magic Bullet Special Effects Plug in

  • Convey the Mood of Your Story

    Red Giant Software Magic Bullet Plug in

    Magic Bullet, the highly regarded and powerful plug in helps you enhance your existing film editing software that allows you to really capture the emotion of your story. You can create more compelling and personal footage with a wide range fo tools that do amazing things like color treatment , skin correction and fixing video noise.

  • Magic Bullet - Powerful & Affordable

    Use the same Red Giant visual effects plugin technology that was used in films such as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Social Network and Angels & Demons to name a few while keeping to an indie budget. Bring out the best in your digital video.

  • Watch Plot Device and See

    Sometimes it is easier to see what Magic Bullet does does for video editing special effects than to read about it. Take a moment to watch this online short film, Plot Device. You will be amazed by the special fx and action. The entire film was created for less than $9,000 using Magic Bullet visual effects plugin. You get a huge level of control over your film in post-production for a relatively affordable price.

    Magic Bullet enhances a variety of applications such as Sony Vegas Pro, Avid Media Composer, Apple Motion. Apple Final Cut Express & Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects

  • Best Value: The Magic Bullet Suite

    With academic pricing for student software, the Magic Bullet Suite is all you need to make your video or film reach the next level. This great value includes the Magic Bullet products DeNoiser II, PhotoLooks, Mojo, Looks 2, Instant HD, Grinder, Frames, Cosmo and Colorista II. Buy Magic Bullet Suite Now.

Major Benefits of Red Giant's Magic Bullet Suite

  • Color Treatment & Correction

    Use color grading to capture the emotion by colorizing your scene to set a mood. Make your scene evoke a sense of fear by altering to gray tones or make it cheerful by using warm colors.

  • Beauty and Skin Smoothing

    A powerful skin corrector that can help you remove unwanted blemishes. This is an affordable solution for creators who can't afford a hair and make person or maybe you just did get the gottage you wanted.

  • Tools and Presets

    You can choose from over 130 looks that you can utilize, modify or create your own. Those just starting can take advantage of the preloaded items while the more experienced can create their own to their exact needs.

  • Transcode DSLR/HDSLR Footage

    This is very imporant because DSLR cameras are taking the filmmaking world by storm, Magic Bullet Grinder allows you to maximize their power with expansive options and tools.

Red Giant Offerings for Every Budget

  • Under $200 Magic Bullet Looks

    Redefine how you design with color. Use Colorista II technology to perform color treatments and corrections and access a huge library of Red Giant presets. Buy Now.

  • Under $100 - Magic Bullet Quick Looks

    An abbreviated version of Looks, also allows you to enhance the mood of your film or project. Buy Now.

What's the Difference Between Magic Bullet "Looks" & "Quick Looks"?

Feature Description

Quick Looks


Preset Look Library (100 looks from music videos,popular films & TV shows)
Yes Yes
Preview thumbnails and 2 click application
Yes Yes
DeepColor RT engine
Yes Yes
Can be used with all common resolutions from HD to SD, 2K, or 4K images
Yes Yes
Look Theater - Interactive slideshow of applied looks
Yes Yes
HDR linear-light processing
Yes Yes
Supports Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Avid Medi Composer, After Effects, and Sony Vegas
Yes Yes
The LooksBuilder standalone application
No Yes
All Looks customizable to suit your project
No Yes
36 distinct Look Tools for spot exposure, selective focus, shutter streaks, etc.
No Yes
Quick Drawers to maximize workspace
No Yes
RGB parade views with HDR monitoring with Color Scopes
No Yes