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    288x Astrolon Telescope with Aluminum Tripod



    • 6 x 25mm Finderscope
    • 2.3x Barlow lens
    • 50mm  Objective lens
    • Diagonal viewer and two (2) interchangeable eyepieces
    • Space map
    • 36” Adjustable aluminum tripod
    • Includes carrying case

    2-Way Microscope

    Two Way Microscope with Viewer and Projector

    5-in-1 100x-1200x Deluxe Microscope



    • 11” microscope with micro viewer
    • Microphoto projector and drawing device
    • Micro Hatchery®
    • Micro Slicer®
    • (2) Prepared slides
    • (10) Blank glass slides
    • (12) Cover glasses
    • (12) Statical slide covers
    • (12) Blank labels
    • (4) Collecting containers
    • Petri dish with Magnifier®
    • Spare bulb
    • (3) 10mL Graduated cylinders
    • (2) Collecting vials
    • Tweezers and needle
    • Spatula, scalpel, dropper, stirring rod
    • 3x / 6x Magnifier
    • Scissors, condenser lens cap, and safety glasses
    • Instruction manual

    Camp databot - CO2 Science - 10 Units Total, with cases


    Tough-as-nails, easily shipped, minimal parts to lose, and easily cleaned for the next round, databot™ is an extraordinary tool for educators seeking to provide engaging hands-on activities who may be studying from home.   Transform the way students see the world around them as they collect, view and experience data in this interdisciplinary exploration of CO2 spanning activities in chemistry, life science, and earth science! 

    Levenhuk DTX 500 Mobi Digital Microscope


    Levenhuk DTX 500 Mobi Digital Microscope? is a portable microscope with a built-in 3-inch color LCD display. This model produces magnification up to 400x and features smooth digital zoom up to 4x. It is perfectly suited for microscopic observations of any surfaces, both at home and outside. This microscope’s body is rubber-armored, which makes it pleasant to the touch and also provides for a comfortable grip and prevents the device from slipping out of your hands. This kit also includes special software allowing you to edit created files and perform precise measurements of linear sizes, radiuses and angles with an accuracy of 1 micrometer or better.

    Levenhuk LabZZ M101 Microscope


    Levenhuk LabZZ – brand new microscopes designed especially for the youngest microcosm explorers. Levenhuk LabZZ microscopes feature uniquely shaped bodies of beautiful translucent colors: moonstone, amethyst, azure, and lime. Each model is supplemented with a Levenhuk K50 Experiment Kit, which contains everything needed for independent research at home. The enclosed colorful user guide makes for interesting and informative reading for a young researcher.

    Levenhuk Rainbow 2L Microscope


    The Levenhuk Rainbow 2L series comes in five eye-catching colors, quality glass optics, ergonomic design, and an excellent accessory kit. With Levenhuk Rainbow 2L Microscope studying will become an adventure! Children will be able to explore the microcosm and conduct truly exciting experiments on their own – much more interesting than just reading abstruse textbooks. A kid will learn many new things about indoor plants and their structure, examine cat hair and learn its difference from human hair, observe a variety of microorganisms living in a drop of aquarium water, and many other exciting things.

    Levenhuk Rainbow 2L PLUS Microscope


    Levenhuk Rainbow 2L PLUS Amethyst Microscope will be a perfect choice for a pupil who loves biology, as well as for a medical student for serious research. This model has many advantages: high-quality multi-coated optics, a wide range of magnification from 64x to 640x, ability to observe both transparent and opaque objects, and reliable body. Beginners will definitely appreciate the Levenhuk K50 Experiment Kit that comes with the microscope. Moreover, Levenhuk Rainbow 2L PLUS Amethyst Microscope stands out from other similar biological microscopes thanks to its beautiful and colorful design.

    Levenhuk Rainbow 50L Microscope


    Levenhuk Rainbow 50L – bright, stylish microscopes perfect for beginning microcosm explorers, as well as experienced biologists. These microscopes allow you to examine plant and animal tissues and learn more about their cellular structure, observe living microorganisms in a water drop, and do many other interesting things!

    Levenhuk Rainbow 50L PLUS Microscope


    Levenhuk Rainbow 50L PLUS - the perfect combination of stylish design, excellent optics, and ergonomic body. Like all other models in the Levenhuk Rainbow family, these microscopes are ideal for young researchers. Each model comes with a Levenhuk K50 Experiment Kit, which has everything you need to explore the mysteries of the Microcosm.

    Levenhuk Rainbow D2L 0.3M Digital Microscope, Moonstone


    Levenhuk Rainbow D2L 0.3M Digital Microscope, Moonstone is a perfect gift for a schoolkid. This microscope allows you to conduct a variety of interesting experiments with ready-to-use microscope samples, as well as with objects that surround you in your everyday life and attract your interest. Thanks to the digital camera included in the kit, you can also save the results of your studies. Even a beginning researcher can make truly impressive images and videos and share them with friends on Facebook or Instagram.

    Levenhuk Rainbow D50L PLUS 2M Digital Microscope, Moonstone


    Modern technologies that enter the optical equipment market significantly increase our possibilities. With Levenhuk Rainbow D50L PLUS 2M Digital Microscope, Moonstone you can not only observe plant and animal cells or microorganisms, but also save the results of your studies by making pictures and videos of observed samples. The kit includes everything needed for conducting interesting experiments with the microscope. You can easily share your discoveries with others by posting received images or videos on Facebook, Instagram, and other social websites.

    Levenhuk Skyline 50x600 AZ Telescope


    Levenhuk Skyline 50x600 AZ Telescope is a compact refractor perfect for entry-level astronomical observations. This model features high-quality optics, reliable construction and remarkable ease of use. With this telescope you will be able to observe lunar craters, phases of Venus, atmospheric flows of Jupiter, rings of Saturn and a large variety of other celestial objects. Levenhuk Skyline 50x600 is also suitable for terrestrial observations.

    Levenhuk Zeno 50 LED Magnifier, 2.2/4.4x, 88/21 mm


    Levenhuk Zeno 50 LED Magnifier is a practical magnifier with two lenses. The main lens has 2.2x magnification, while the inset lens - located by the handle - has 4.4x. Two lenses with different magnifications allow you to easily read even the finest print and study various objects in tiniest detail.

    Microscope & Telescope with Survival Kit

    Microscope & Telescope Set with Survival Kit

    Microscope Lab Max


    Microscope Set with Carrying Case




    Mobile 20/30/40x Telescope

    Includes: 20x/30x/40x Eyepiece Diagonal Mirror 41cm (16 ) ABS Body 30mm Ø Objective Lens 25cm (10 ) Tripod