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    BATUltrasonic Sensor Distance Measuring

    $22.95 $39.95
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    This Chemistry Lab Kit includes 8 safe to use chemicals, 80 safety tested experiments. Comes with complete instruction manual

    BITalino 1-lead sensor cable

    (11 In stock)

    BITalino 1-lead sensor cableis anindividual cable to connect the sensor pins (IN+, IN-, and REF) to the electrodes.


    • Length: 40cm (others possible on request)
    • Sensor connector: Crimp pin (compatible with the individual pins on the Molex Sherlock male plug)
    • Electrode connector: Standard snap on socket

    Cobra Line Follower Sensor

    (14 In stock)

    The Cobra Line Follower Array provides 4 X QRE1113 IR reflectance sensor mounted on a 9mm pitch Each sensor is comprised of two parts - an IR emitting LED and an IR sensitive phototransistor. When you apply power to the VCC and GND pins the IR LED inside the sensor will illuminate.


    Danger Shield Complete kits

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    The Danger Shield is an add-on for the [Arduino] micro controller board. It contains a variety of fun and useful electronic circuits that you can use to do fun and useful things. It is a fully self-contained shield. You plug it into your Arduino, and you can immediately start using it. No extra things to hook up, no external components. Just a really rad board ready to rock.

    Environmental sensor

    $103.53 $102.92
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    fischertechnik Combi-Sensor

    $47.86 $47.58
    (In stock)

    fischertechnik Combi-sensor cobines 3 sensors in one component: triaxial 16bit gyroscope, triaxial 12bit acceleration sensor, compass sensor, I2C connector (9VDC).

    Grove - Infrared Reflective Sensor v1.2

    (24 In stock)
    Grove - Infrared Reflective Sensor v1.2 can be used for detection of proximity and color of objects. The reflective photosensor - RPR-220 used in this module consists of an infrared light emitting diode and a high –sensitivity phototransistor. Light-colored objects directly in front of the sensor will reflect more infrared light as well as generate more current in the phototransistor than an object with dark-colored surfaces, this can be tell from a built-in indicator LED which will turn red with sufficient flow of current. Also, the intensity of the reflective light increases as the object getting closer. You can adjust the potential-meter on the back of the board if you want to detect a specific object (eg. Black line) at a certain distance.

    IR-Track Sensor, black

    $27.32 $27.19
    (In stock)
    Fischertechnik Spare Part 128598: IR-Track Sensor

    Low Current Sensor Breakout board


    ACS712 series Current Sensor Sensor Evaluation Board

    Mini switch, black

    $9.26 $9.22
    (In stock)
    37783: Mini-Switch

    NavX2-MXP Robotics Navigation Sensor

    (96 In stock)

    BRAND NEW NEXT-GENERATION SENSOR NOW AVAILABLE -  leveraging new sensors and state-of-the-art algorithms to deliver a leap forward in accuracy and performance.

    “Generation 2” navX2-MXP is a drop-in replacement for “Classic” navX-MXP, adding significant performance enhancements. See the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information about navX2-MXP's new and enhanced capabilities.

    NTC resistor 1.5 k?, silver

    $2.28 $2.27
    (In stock)
    36437: NTC Resistor

    Optical Color Sensor, black

    $27.78 $27.67
    (In stock)
    Fischertechnik Spare Part 128599: Color Sensor

    Photo transistor assembled, yellow

    $8.13 $8.09
    (In stock)
    36134: Photo-Transistor Assembled

    PmodALS: Ambient Light Sensor

    (6 In stock)

    The Digilent PmodALS demonstrates light-to-digital sensing through a single ambient light sensor. Digilent Engineers designed this Pmod around Texas Instrument's ADC081S021 analog-to-digital converter and Vishay Semiconductor's TEMT6000X01.

    Reversing switch, black

    $9.92 $9.87
    (In stock)
    36708: Reversing Switch