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fischertechnik is a flexible and innovative construction system. The core building block is unique in that it allows attachment from all six sides, thus it allows for limitless design possibilities. Many of the pieces slide together to lock in place, and the hundreds of different parts available also help to address very specific design needs. Since the introduction of the fischertechnik system in 1965, it has been used by middle schools, high schools, colleges and universities all around the globe to explore STEM related subjects such as robotics, renewable energy creation and storage, mechanics, pneumatics, and more.

fishertechnik products are separated into several categories:

  • The fischertechnik Education line was developed for exploring various aspects of technology in the classroom or home school. This line includes topic focused sets addressing such subjects as mechanics, pneumatics, and renewable energy. It also features comprehensive, standards-focused, curriculum based sets which embrace project based learning.            
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  • The fischertechnik play and learn line is designed to spark children’s curiosity, and help develop an understanding of everyday technology through play. For ages five and above.

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