Improve STEM Education with Unity Game Development

Use Student Passion to Create Success in STEM Education

Students are passionate about gaming and interactive design. With the Unity game engine, you can capitalize on this interest and direct it towards Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)!

Engage students in STEM education related topics such as: Design, Conceptualization, Development, 3D Modeling, Concept Art, Programming, Technical Communication and so much more. Unity offers classrooms a breakthrough development platform for creating games and interactive titles in 2D and 3D that also establish a solid foundation in essential STEM skills.

Teaching Interactive Design with Unity

Unity is at the forefront of interactive design and graphics curriculum:

  • Great Add-on for CAD & Animation Programs
  • Easy-to-use right out-of-the-box
  • Excellent for teaching 2D & 3D Game Development
  • Teach Logic & Programming
  • Affordable with special price options for Education
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Engage Your Students

Help students immerse themselves in STEM subject matter, learning key concepts while having fun.

Encourage Creative Problem Solving

Give students an outline. Let them propose the world, assets, characters & theme.

Teach Effective Communication

Teach students to create effective communication strategies using graphical methods and interactive technology.

Simplify Learning

Help students understand the logic, math and programming necessary to be on the cutting edge.

Motivate to Improve Education

Unity 3D allows you to use students interest in game making to educate them on the increasingly important STEM initiatives.

What are Teachers in the Classroom Saying?

"The whole experience really engages students — it's a huge WOW factor!"
"Imagine creating virtual solutions to problems — from product design to conceptual constructs."
"I have a module with my students where we create environments, characters and assets all in 3DS Max and Maya, we then export them to Unity."
"Once [students] maneuver in a virtual world that they have created it really gets them hooked to the experience."

Take Advantage of Academic Discounts on Unity

Unity and Studica are dedicated to help you increase the quality of your classroom experiences and improve your STEM outcomes. Feel free to contact Studica or visit our Unity Store for more information.