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Watch the webinar the "Effective STEM Education Solutions"& Review Presentation Slides.

  • Learn about effective STEM Education Solutions using fischertechnik STEM Lab programs
  • Review Engaging plan to reach your students with 6 months of prepared curriculum
  • Discuss benefits of project-based curriculum and the relationships between inquiry, design and problem solving for effective learning.
  • Review how concepts such as robotics, renewable energies, mechanics, robotics, mechatronics, and pneumatics are demonstrated.
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  • Learn more about fischertechnik STEM Lab Programs

OnDemand Webinar - "Effective STEM Education Solutions"

Presentation Slides - "Effective STEM Education Solutions" Infographic

Learn more about the fischertechnik STEM Lab Programs complete with 6 months of curriculum.

The fischertechnik Middle School STEM Lab focuses on Energy, Power & Robotics.
The fischertechnik High School STEM Lab focuses on Mechatronics.

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