Unity Engages Students in STEM

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Schools are looking to Interactive Design (Game Design) for an all-in-one solution to STEM & STEAM Education. Explore ways to convince your administration that interactive and game design are valid and powerful tools for teaching STEM.

Students are interested in learning how to make games. Use this interest to engage them in learning how to solve Science, Technology, Engineering and Math problems. Learn how game design and game creation with Unity is the perfect addition to your CAD curriculum and a range of other disciplines.

Discover Engaging STEM Education with Unity 3D

Unity for Education

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These video recordings cover the following topics:

Unity 3D Educational Software Discount Program

For students and teachers looking to learn how to create a game, Unity offers education software at student discounts and faculty discounts. For those more serious about interactive design, there is perpetual license for non-watermarked Unity 4 Pro Student & Faculty Commercial. Unity 3D also offers academic discounts for classrooms. Offerings include Unity 4 Pro for K-12 and Secondary schools and Unity Complete Suites for Higher Ed.