STEM Teaching Platform

[NI myDAQ for Students]
Students today don't remember life before Google, would rather text than talk, and find email too slow. Teachers today are faced with the challenge of engaging a generation of digital natives. What better way to do that then with the medium students already know and love - technology. myDAQ Hardware & LabVIEW Software together create a platform for showing students real world lab experience.

Meet the new STEM Teaching Platform: NI myDAQ & NI Labview

[NI myDAQ for Secondary Schools] *Bundles with LabVIEW are available [Shop options]

A Unique Approach to Teaching

Benefits of National Instruments' myDAQ and LabVIEW as a STEM Teaching Platform:

  • Replicates thousands of dollars in instrumentation [learn more]
  • Built to use the techniques that professionals in engineering are using
  • Excellent for applying mathematical models to real-world data
  • Simple and powerful for students
  • Perfect for teaching authentic applications with mixed subjects
  • Develops technical skills that employers and higher education institutions are looking for

You Can Think It, You Can Teach It

Any subject. Any Class.
Project-based learning means letting the answer come naturally from the questions.

Some Ideas:

Test a truss bridge, simulate gravity, visualize half-life
Build a solar powered car, a wind turbine or a sound equalizer
Predict a rocket's path, analyze the math of music, approximate an integral
Make some sweet concrete, evaluate insulation materials and determine hydrogen ion concentration
Comp Sci:
Design a flashy loudness detector, collect data over Bluetooth and create a text message device
Calculate body mass index, build a CAT-scan and control a video game with your eyes.

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