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    Everything You Need to Build, Learn & Compete   -   Build Better Robots®

    Studica Robotics is a comprehensive robotics building platform with everything you need to build, learn, and compete. Our wide selection of durable robot parts and robotics kits are ideal for classroom use, robot competitions, robotics team training, and more. We offer a variety of colored structure and motion components, electronicshardware, and building kits, you'll find everything you need to build and empower your robot with cutting-edge capabilities. Discover your true building potential with Studica Robotics

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    Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

    (In stock)

    The Studica Robotics Ultrasonic Distance Sensor provides stable, accurate and high precision distance measurements.

    Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Bracket

    (In stock)

    The Studica Robotics Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Bracket is used to secure the Ultrasonic Distance Sensor to channels.

    USB Cable, Type A to Type C, Blue, 1M

    (In stock)

    USB Cable, Type A to Type C, Blue, 1 Meter, male to male

    VMX Battery Adapter Cable

    (In stock)

    The VMX Battery Adapter cable connects a VMX-pi power connector to an external battery supply.

    VMX Cable Pack

    (In stock)

    The Studica Robotics VMX Cable Pack includes JST-GH to 4-pin Dupont cables, a battery adapter cable and a Wallwart cable for the VMX.

    VMX Robotics Controller

    (In stock)

    The Studica Robotics VMX (part #70176) is a powerful robotics controller with technology for enabling a rich development environment.  The VMX is a Linux-based computing platform with software tools and features enabling access to cutting-edge sensors.

    VMX Wallwart Adapter Cable

    (In stock)

    The VMX Wallwart Adapter cable connects a VMX power connector to an external 12VDC Wallwart power supply.



    • Cable Length: 25 cm
    • Wire Gauge: 20 AWG
    • VMX-side Connector: JST-VH Wire Colors: Red (power), Black (ground)
    • Wallwart-side Connector:  2.1mm inner diameter, 5.5" outer diameter, center-positive


    Waste Management Autonomous Robot Challenge Kit

    (In stock)

    The WorldSkills Waste Management Autonomous Robot Challenge requires a team of two students / competitors to design and build a robot that will efficiently collect and deliver materials from homes to the Waste Management Center. The robot must be built to function autonomously. Many elements can be introduced or removed to make this challenge more difficult or easier, such as; introducing traffic, adding construction, reducing the size of the road, etc.

    Waste Materal Green Ball

    (In stock)

    Waste Material Green Bin (5"x3.5"x2.8")

    (In stock)

    This small green wastebin (dimensions in inches) is recommended for use with the Waste Management Robotics Competition.

    Wheel Pack

    (In stock)

    The Studica Robotics Wheel Pack contains an assortment of drive wheels, omni wheels, D-shafts, bushings, shaft hubs, a bearing and a shaft spacer for your robotics competition designs.

    Wired Game Controller

    (In stock)

    A Wired Controller is can be uesed with various robot control systems such as the VMX Robotics Controller program. This controller features the PlayStation button layout.

    Zip Ties, Blue, 150mm (100 pack)

    (In stock)

    150mm Blue Zip Tie, 100 pack, can be used for wire management.



    • Length: 150mm
    • Material: Nylon
    • Quantity: 100pcs


    Lyon Fruit & Vegetable Kit

    # 75107

    The Lyon Fruit and Vegetable Kit can be used to train for the Lyon WorldSkills 2024 Competition.  

    On/Off Power Switch Kit

    (In stock)

    A Studica Robotics On/Off Power Switch Kit for use with your robotics design builds.  This straightforward power switch provides seamless on/off control between a battery and your device.

    #25 - 24 Tooth Aluminum Sprocket (2 pack)

    (In stock)

    A Studica Robotics 2-pack of #25 - 24 tooth sprockets for use with robotics design, made of 6061-T6 aluminum.