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Why Teach with fischertechnik Education?

The materials and resources found in fischertechnik Education sets offer users the ability to develop a deep understanding of, not only how devices and mechanisms work, but also how they may be improved and/or modified for practical applications. fischertechnik Education does not shroud technology in mystery or complex equations; rather these products help students learn how to use technology and adapt it to create something new. These sets support future generations of STEM professionals, by providing hands-on experiences.

fischertechnik Education sets itself apart from other classroom solutions in that it offers students and educators sets that include a range of subjects and cross-curricular learning. With over 50 years of experience, fischertechnik brings insight into the education market and a building system that is both versatile and durable. Discover the difference fischertechnik can make in your classroom and beyond!

fischertechnik Promotes Lasting Skill Sets

fischertechnik Education sets actively support the development of skills and conceptual understanding in virtually every aspect of academia. Science, math and technology education are of course the most prominent areas of focus, but these sets also encourage intellectual development in language and applied arts, group work, understanding of societal implications and so much more! When using a fischertechnik set, students are assisted in becoming educated, citizens, voters, consumers, home-owners and family members.

Take a look at some of the skill sets fischertechnik Education helps promote:

General Academic Skills

  • Abstract thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Promote logical and deductive reasoning
  • Determining the degree of accuracy needed for tasks
  • Communicate observations through discussions
  • Enhance spatial reasoning and visualize spatial relationships
  • Enhance the understanding of the use of tools and how they function
  • Follow graphical instructions
  • Identify multiple applications for a technological device
  • Modify designs based upon observed performance
  • Understand the relationship between the sciences

Research Skills

  • Data collection and measurement
  • Analysis and interpretation of data
  • Conduct an experiment by formulating and testing hypotheses
  • Create operational definitions
  • Document the proper operation of a mechanical/electrical/pneumatic devices
  • Maintain a portfolio for assessment
  • Make predictions
  • Manipulate and discriminate between mechanical/electrical/pneumatic components
  • Sort and sequence events

Life Skills

  • Promote understanding of technology and its use
  • Develop descriptive language skills
  • Develop dimensional analysis skills
  • Develop fine motor skills
  • Develop hand-eye coordination
  • Develop ordering skills

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To learn more about fischertechnik Education in the classroom, feel free to visit our fischertechnik Education store or contact us for help on finding a fischertechnik program that's right for you!

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